Ukraine Amb: We shot down drones launched against Israelis in Uman - The Jewish Voice
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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Ukraine Amb: We shot down drones launched against Israelis in Uman

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(A7) Ukrainian ambassador to Israel Yevgen Korniychuk confirmed reports that Russian troops launched several Iranian-manufactured Shahed-136 drones over Uman to attack Jews celebrating Rosh Hashanah in the city.

In an interview with Yaara Shapira on on Channel 2 News, the ambassador said that “the Ukrainian security services were organized and operated well. There is no reason for the Israelis to leave Uman over safety concerns.”

Korniychuk also referred to the statement of the Israeli Foreign Ministry last night, according to which Israel will not recognize the results of the referendum in the occupied territories of Ukraine. Korniychuk said that the decision to give the statement was the logical thing to do in light of the planned attack in Uman. However, he said that “Israel should have responded more quickly to the referendum, as Ukraine’s ally. Its response now certainly contributes to strengthening relations between Israel and Ukraine.”

Korniychuk also noted that Ukraine has submitted a request for military assistance from Israel. According to him: “We are asking for more help from Israel, with an emphasis on military aid. There are requests that are placed on the desk of Defense Minister Gantz without a response. Israel needs to equip us with anti-aircraft weapons. This is the time. So far Israel has not done enough. Israel is good at humanitarian aid, But we won’t win with bandages.”

Korniychuk criticized the Israeli claim that Israel does not supply military equipment to his country due to the move’s expected impact on Israel’s freedom of action in Syria: “I don’t think Syria is a reasonable excuse for Israel not to help Ukraine. You can’t be neutral because neutrality is support for Russia.”

The Ukrainian ambassador went on to say: “You are trying to negotiate with one terrorist state – Russia, in order to get help against another terrorist state – Iran.”

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