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Texas Gov Abbott Accuses Adams of Hypocrisy after Mayor Threatens Lawsuit Over Migrant Buses

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By:  Serach Nissim

New York City Mayor Eric Adams could no longer hold his tongue regarding the bus loads of illegal migrants being sent into the city from the Southern border by Republican governor Greg Abbott of Texas.

As reported by the NY Post, Mayor Adams said in an interview that the city is considering suing Texas and others who are sending in illegal border crossers, causing a crisis in NYC’s homeless shelters. “We have this heavy influx, and that’s why our legal team is looking at what legal challenges we could do with Texas, as well as how do we properly ensure everyone receives the necessary services they deserve,” the mayor told WCBS-TV/Ch. 2 on Sunday.

On Monday, a spokesman for Abbott replied, accused Mayor Adams of hypocrisy and “flat-out lying and selectively attacking Texas’ busing operation, while conveniently ignoring migrants bused into New York City by Democrat-led El Paso and flown by President Biden.” The Texas governor has been sending migrants in busloads into Democratic-led cities, such as Washington DC and more recently Chicago, to alleviate his own state’s problems.

He holds that the predicaments caused by President Joe Biden’s open border policies should be shared with the cities who supported these policies. “Instead of complaining about a couple thousand migrants being bused into his self-declared sanctuary city and using these migrants for political attacks, Mayor Adams should call on President Biden to take immediate action to secure the border — something the President continues failing to do,” Abbott press secretary Renae Eze added.

At first Mayor Adams held his tongue, saying only that the city would do its best toprovide for the migrants– many of whom are from Venezuela and are seeking asylum from that country’s harsh dictatorship.  Democrats have long touted their will to aid the migrants. More recently, however, Mayor Adams has admitted that the city’s shelter system is at a “breaking point”. City Hall outlined that in all at least 11,000 migrants have been sent to the Big Apple, with over 8,000 of them now living in city shelters.Recently, the city has been inundated with about 1,400 migrants arriving daily– up from between 200 and 300 in the summer.

Mayor Adams noted that the city’s best shot in stopping the influx of migrant busloads from Texas, would be tackling the angle that the migrants are many times being brought in against their will.  “We believe there’s some options we have, because when you involuntarily place someone on a bus, we believe that actually skates the law. And so our legal team is looking at this,” Adams told WCBS moderator Marcia Kramer.

“I think it’s really inhumane what we’re seeing, using people during a difficult time as a political ploy and not coordinating with cities,” the mayor added. “Every city that the migrants are passing, the governor of Texas should have communicated with, and he should have communicated with New York.”  Mr. Adams stopped short of commenting on the Biden administration border policies.

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