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Staten Island High Holiday Security Needs Coordinated by Network of Jewish Organizations

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As has been the practice of since its inception over 55 years ago, the Staten Island Council of Jewish Organizations (COJO-SI), the central coordinating agency of the Staten Island Jewish community coordinates the security and public safety needs for the borough’s community. “I was pleased at last week’s Police Department’s Annual High Holidays Briefing where Mayor Eric Adams publicly affirmed once again his commitment to public safety and holding perpetrators of hate crimes accountable for their actions. The mayor further emphasized the strong relationship between the police department and the Jewish community and it was well received by the attendees of the briefing how the mayor plans to further strengthen and expand this important relationship.

At hand, we appreciated the most the mayor’s heartfelt assurance that he has instructed the police to use all its resources in safeguarding the Jewish community over the High Holiday period to make certain that the Jewish community will be able to pray and experience our days of awe in a safe, spiritual and meaningful way. It was further pleasing to the attendees how Commissioner Keechant Sewell reported and emphasized that there are no credible threats known.

It is important that we are able to report back to our respective communities that the Mayor and Police Commissioner take public safety seriously and that as a city we are in good hands and that they are expanding all resources to ensure the residents of the city that public safety is a priority. Thank you Mayor Adams and Commissioner Sewell for taking the time from your hectic schedules and giving the community the knowledge that our safety needs are a priority. We truly appreciate this relationship and we cannot thank you enough for your commitment to public safety” so reported Mendy Mirocznik, president, COJO to the leadership of the Staten Island Jewish community.

Mirocznik, further reported that COJO met and had a security discussion for the specific needs of Staten Island. “We met with Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell, Mark T. Stewart, deputy commissioner of Community Affairs, Chief Kenneth Corey, Chief of Department; Inspector Richard Taylor, commanding officer, Community Affairs Outreach, Joel Eisdorfer, Senior Advisor to Mayor Eric Adams, Fred Kreizman, commissioner, Community Affairs Bureau, Office of Mayor Eric Adams, Staten Island Borough Commander Chief Gin Yee, Chief Terence Hurson, executive officer, Patrol Borough Staten Island, and the four Staten Island precinct commanders Inspector Tania Kinsella, commanding officer, Pct. 120, Captain Eric Waldhelm, commanding officer, Pct. 121, Inspector Timothy Wilson, commanding officer, Pct. 122, and Inspector Andrey Smirnov, commanding officer, Pct. 123. We further had conversations with Lt. Rafet Awad, commanding officer Community Affairs Patrol Borough Staten Island who coordinates the Staten Island police patrols.

As president of COJO, I am pleased to report that they have a deep interest in protecting our Synagogues, schools and institutions and they are and have been checking up on our Synagogues, schools and institutions and are keeping a constant careful protective eye over our Synagogues, schools and institutions and have increased patrols over this important time making certain that our safety needs are properly being taken care of. This is important as we experience higher than usual Synagogue attendance and higher than usual family and holiday gatherings.

On behalf of COJO, I thank Mayor Adams for setting the tone for public safety and Commissioner Sewell for implementing the mayor’s public safety vision and Chief Yee and his officers for executing and carrying out a well thought out public safety plan for this year’s High Holiday season. We pray that the Almighty watch over the police and keep them safe as they protect the community during this important time of pray, reflection and introspection. We at COJO look forward to strengthening our relationship with the NYPD, thank you Mayor Eric Adams for your leadership, you make the difference in trust and confidence and you truly lead by example.

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