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Oberlin College – A Paradigm of Racism & Pomposity

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Our message to parents who want their kids to get a decent, rewarding, future-building college education; avoid racist, highfalutin, pompous colleges like Oberlin College in Ohio. That institution, replete with and loaded to the brim with leftist ideology curriculum and professors, was hit with a $44 million verdict back in 2016 for its serious involvement against a local bakery that included the severe charges such as, defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress, trade libel and more criminal actions made by the College against this small-town bakery.

The case emerged out of a November, 2016 incident in which a black Oberlin student attempted to shoplift two bottles of wine from the bakery. A store clerk tried to stop the thief but two buddies of the robber joined in to beat the heck out of the clerk. The assailants all pled guilty to the assault charges. That should have signaled “case closed,” but militant, radical, Oberlin students held protests in front of the store alleging that the Gibson employee had racially profiled the shoplifter. And that was only the beginning. Sadly, a veritable firestorm of mob threats and picket-line demonstrations targeted the bakery, attempting to shut it own for its “racist, anti-black” policies.

To help stoke these flames of hate, Meredith Raimondo, the Dean of Students at Oberlin, denounced Gibson’s with fliers and bullhorns, saying that the bakery was “A racist establishment with a long account of racial profiling and discrimination.” And then, Ben Jones, Oberlin’s Vice President for Communications, chimed in with his attempt at stupidity, with “F–k ‘em! they’ve made their own bed now.” The students whose parents chip in over $60 thousand per year in costs, posted these allegations of racial profiling on campus buildings, together with a resolution urging Oberlin students to boycott the Gibson establishment to shut it down. The business suffered serious financial losses and had to lay off several long-time employees. Even customers sympathetic to Gibson’s were fearful of being attacked physically by the protesters.

Oberlin, is symbolic of everything wrong with most of the colleges today. They are enmeshed in a depraved civil rights movement that has nothing to do with the precepts of Rev. Martin Luther King. Dr. King envisioned and called for a society rooted in equal justice for all, ignoring the color of one’s skin. The Black Student Union at Oberlin demands more black students, faculty and administrators; divestment from Israel, exclusive “black safe spaces,” and the end of white dominance. Strange, they don’t fight for racial diversity on their football,  basketball or track teams.

Sadly, now that the college, once prominent for its educational innovations and excellence, now defined by its most extreme elements must yield to the decisions made by a jury made up of locals and bow its head in shame, being exposed as brutally bigoted itself. But Oberlin does not stand alone in the line-up of downward spiraling universities. Princeton, in a straight-forward act of purely political retaliation, recently fired its eminent linguist, Joshua Katz, for strongly criticizing a letter signed by many Princeton faculty in which they demanded doing away with using the SAT scores for student admissions and for giving extra sabbatical time only to “faculty of color.” To the top echelon of leaders at Princeton, any voice against the WOKE establishment is given a pink slip. We suggest that parents scrutinize the college line-up before spending nearly a quarter million bucks to universities such as Oberlin for a diploma that indicates their kids are now part of the Progressive, Leftist, Radical, Fascist, Lunatic zombies leading this nation to its destruction.

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