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Crime in the Big Apple Must Be Stopped!

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If you’re a resident of Manhattan, and as 1,695,000 other residents, fear for your own and your family’s safety, we know of a Florida real estate agent you can contact. The crime in your borough is growing faster than inflation. The chance of you becoming a victim of a violent crime, be it murder, rape, robbery or assault on the island is now one in seventy two and soaring. Count the people jamming the streets and make the computation. You may be next. Watch your back!

With the likes of a guy like Manhattan District Attorney (DA) Alvin Bragg remaining at the helm of criminal justice in that borough, sadly, there’s little chance of your fears being quelled. Even his one time buddy, the Mayor of the whole Big Apple, Eric Adams, is baring his knuckles against the DA. But, showing his chutzpah, Bragg recently defended himself (rather poorly as lawyers go) against Adams’ stating clearly and emphatically, that the city’s criminal justice system “Has been turned into a laughingstock,” by lamely pleading that he’s only doing his job as well as he can. Bragg probably has ignored the successful recall election of San Francisco’s DA, Chesa Boudin, who was bounced by his city’s citizens from office for the same kind of malfeasance practiced by Bragg himself.

And that’s ignoring the safety needs of his constituents. Unfortunately, in New York State only the Governor can remove him from his post. According to Donald Chesworth, a former Monroe County district attorney: “If the governor has information that [a] DA is not properly fulfilling his or her duties, she then can request that an investigation be conducted to determine the validity of the request to remove that individual from office.” Republican candidate for governor, Lee Zeldin actually called for Governor Hochul, “to step in immediately and use her sway under Section 34 of the state Public Officers Law to get rid of Bragg and, in turn, his controversial policies which are putting criminals back on the streets. “

Californians made their voice heard and New Yorkers will too, when they remove her (Hochul) for her refusal to fire pro-criminal Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg,’’ he said. We, here in the editorial room, fearing for our own  families’ lives totally agree. Zeldin added: “All New Yorkers are sick and tired of criminals ruling our streets and they’re ready to end the attacks on our safety. Let’s repeal cashless bail, take back our streets and save lives, our decency and our state.” We agree. Criminals belong behind bars where they cannot endanger our lives and destroy our way of living.

But there is some good news about residents of Greenwich Village, the formerly most liberal area of Manhattan who have had it with crime. They’ve actually hire armed security officers to surveil West Fourth Street between MacDougal Street an Sixth Avenue for the month of August at various times of the day. Residents complain that the area is suffering from an influx of emotionally disturbed drug addicts who commit crimes for drug dollars. One concerned resident even mentioned the exodus of cops, made all the worse by anti-police resentment by the community, bail reform and the soft on crime…you guessed it…DA Alvin Bragg.

Who’d have ever believed it; armed guards, paid for by the residents of Greenwich Village? What’s next..a conservative governor and mayor? You never know what tomorrow will bring. But we’re hoping for a cleaning up and eradication of crime in all of New York City. Perhaps the soaring crime rates are awakening the snoring citizens of the city to actually do something to make it safe again. We repeat…”We deserve it and we agree.”

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