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50 Years After Munich Massacre;  Terrorist Abbas Still Reigns

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“ ‘Why must my pain be endless, my wound incurable, resistant to healing?’ So asks the prophet Jeremiah and so we as today. Even fifty years after the horrific murder of the eleven Israeli athletes here and in the Munich Olympic Village, with inconceivable cruelty and in cold blood–the pain is eternal. That awful event remains a wound, resistant to healing.” So spoke Israel’s President, Isaac Herzog to commemorate the slaughter this week. At the ceremony in Germany, that nation, through its President, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, sought “forgiveness” from families of victims in the Munich Olympic attack 50 yeas ago, admitting responsibility for a litany of failings that led to the deaths of the eleven. The compensation to the families of the victims is still in a state of controversy. More on that later.

We will focus on the actual murderers, the Palestinian terrorist group, Black September, and the leaders of this organization and ask just why the world is not taking them to task for not begging “forgiveness” or whatever, for their actions. Their leader at the time, Yasser Arafat had a younger accomplice, his second in command, who was in charge of the planning, financing and the carrying out of the merciless attack. That was Mahmoud Abbas, also known as Abu Mazen. How strange that the many leaders of the free world, including our own presidents, Obama and Biden pay homage to Abbas, who is now the leader of the Palestinians, and treat him as a president of a what is not a “recognized” country. President Trump had his number and refused to meet with or give financial support to this terrorist.

Last week, in Germany, Abbas stonefacedly expressed no regret for the deadly attack by his own underlings fifty years ago, countering that Israel has committed “fifty Holocausts” against Palestinians over the years. “If we want to go over the past, go ahead,” Abbas told reporters after a meeting with with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in Berlin. “I have 50 Holocausts that Israel has committed.” The German Chancellor, to his credit, grimaced at these words. Scholz rejected the internationalist terrorist’s terms. Germany has long argued the word Holocaust should only be used to describe the Nazis’ slaughter of 6 million Jews. He stated that Abbas’s terminology was “unacceptable.”

Abbas’s cold blooded statements, now, even 50 years after his henchmen committed this outrage, make us question why our country has anything to do with him? Why did President Biden on his recent visit to Israel meet with Abbas and hand him over hundreds of millions of our taxpayer dollars to continue his never ending terrorism against Israel? President Trump had shut down this pipeline, thereby reducing terror attacks emanating from Palestinian areas. Biden during his trip gave Abbas over $250 million, plus $75 million to Hamas in Gaza and also renewed the $300 million to UNRWA, the UN, pro Palestinian agency. What signal does this send to the international Palestinian, Jew hating community? Look to increased Israeli deaths as a result. It’s sure to happen.

We pray for the souls of the eleven Israeli athletes and for blessings on their families who now have the added stress of dealing with German authorities regarding compensation for their losses. Nothing can replace their loved ones. But we must learn to focus on and target our acknowledged outspoken enemies. Mahmoud Abbas is one of them. He must be treated as such.

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