Twice as Many NYC Public School Kids Opt for Home Learning Due to Covid - The Jewish Voice
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Twice as Many NYC Public School Kids Opt for Home Learning Due to Covid

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By: Greg Michelinson

The New York Post reports, in an exclusive story, that the number of students in New York City that have left the public school system in favor of home-schooling, has doubled during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Cayla Bamberger writes that almost 13,000 youngsters are now being taught at home. “I like being engaged and involved in their lives,” said Julie Kvyatkovsky to The New York Post, a single mom of 9-year-old twin daughters in Brooklyn, who shifted to homeschool after a disastrous foray into remote learning.

“Parents go to homeschooling because something’s not working,” said John Edelson, the founder of Time4Learning, a popular online program that Kvyatkovsky uses with her children.

“But that’s not why they stay.”  Edelsom said parents got a “good look” at school curriculum and policy during the pandemic — and were “not impressed. This is a trend, not a blip”.

Many parents have been disgusted by the radical leftist Critical Race Theory, teaching curriculum    which critics say brainwashes kids against Caucasian people, by equating “whiteness” with every problem in the world.

Other parents are opposed to the “sexualization” of public-school children via exposure to transsexuality and a focus of gender and homosexual lifestyles.

As recently as the 2018-19 school year, fewer than 5,300 New York City families were homeschooling, state data showed. Thomas Schmidt, senior counsel at the Home School Legal Defense Association, told The New York Post that while homeschooling wasn’t as popular decades ago, many families who tried the option during the pandemic have decided to stick with it.

“I think there is a significant number of families even though they began homeschooling because of this crisis, they found this really works,” he added. “They’re no longer making the decision to homeschool because of necessity — they’re really making that decision because this is what they want and believe what’s best for their kids.”

Many people who study to become teachers in college never actually use their degree and choose other fields upon graduation once they see how broken the public school system truly is. Others, if they go on to work as teachers at all, leave job after just a few years as they realize they cannot live on the salary they are making.

Recently a gentleman made national news for getting hired at Walmart and showing how he was able to double his former salary as an educator and not even need his degree. Seth Goshorn, 28, of Ohio, left teaching after six years, not because he didn’t love it, but because he couldn’t afford to live on the money he was making. He was hired at Walmart for much more money and doesn’t have the headache of bringing his work home with him every day. He is exactly the type of teacher our students need, he is smart, young, and energetic. The government has made being a teach in public schools all but impossible as they expect teachers to do more with less and as they keep increasing classroom sizes.

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