‘Pathetic, unconvincing’: Israel rejects apology from UN official who slammed ‘Jewish lobby’ - The Jewish Voice
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‘Pathetic, unconvincing’: Israel rejects apology from UN official who slammed ‘Jewish lobby’

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The government of Israel has rejected the apology made by Miloon Kothari, a member of the UN Commission of Inquiry tasked with investigating Israel, for his recent anti-Semitic remarks. Kothari said that social media is controlled by the “Jewish lobby” and complained, “A lot of money is being thrown into trying to discredit us.”

Kothari issued an apology for his comments saying, “It was completely wrong for me to describe the social media as being controlled largely by the Jewish lobby.”

“This choice of words was incorrect, inappropriate, and insensitive,” he added.

In response, however, the Israeli Foreign Ministry issued a statement calling the apology “hollow” and describing it as a “pathetic and unconvincing maneuver” that does not compensate for his long record of anti-Semitic comments.

The Foreign Ministry demanded that Kothari and his colleagues resign immediately, “in light of the anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli statements of the commissioners, and the fact that they do not meet the minimal standards of neutrality and impartiality required from individuals in these positions in the UN.”

The ministry also called for the commission itself to be disbanded in its entirety, just as Prime Minister Lapid demanded just a few days ago.

“If the UN is committed to fighting antisemitism and to upholding its values,” said the ministry, “this is the only reasonable and acceptable result.”

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