Op-Ed:  Who Exactly Are You Calling “Fascist”? - The Jewish Voice
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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Op-Ed:  Who Exactly Are You Calling “Fascist”?

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By: Marion DS Dreyfus


You called on zero evidence our finest president “fascist,” a short time ago.


But the incompetent and frighteningly lawless abusers of our legal system, men and women appointed by this weakest and feeblest president and his puppeteers, have permitted a posse of 30 FBI raiders to illegally ransack a former president’s private abode, break into and steal his safes, destroy his presidential immunity from such acts of illicit raids.


And you call Trump ‘fascist’?


By what excess of Orwellian persiflage dare you call our 45 a fascist, when constipated Non-Supreme Court Meritless Garish has okayed this illegal raid for no ostensible reason?


NEVER in our entire 2.5-century history has this ever been done. Never.


And the likes of Hillary Clinton, who smashed 13 cell phones and extinguished 33,000 emails already subpoenaed walks the Earth free and unorange-jumpsuited?


And Eric Holder is free to walk and talk despite his many abuses?


And weaselly Adam Schiff, a career-trajectory liar, is still yapping dangerously, without a tendril of truth flying out of his mewling imperfect facial pie?


And Trump is somehow a subject of abusive invasion and theft of private documents and personal immunity? To the tune of 16 boxfuls of personal papers and private effects?


Without a single probable cause beyond the evil of a democrat party desperate to retain power and cripple the chances of midterm slaughter so richly earned by this most abusive of power-hungry crowds ever to soil the White House and environs.


While criminal Hunter Biden, guilty by his own tapes and records and tablets, blabs publicly about the size of his private parts, consorts with crack and prostitutes,  continues to interact extra-judiciously with foreign governments without registering as a foreign agent?


While Pelosi’s son  does a Hunter as he accompanies his soon-to-be-ousted Speaker mother Nancy to her Asian whistle-stops and does untold [protected] nefarious deals with all the high-level officials he meets care of his flibberty mother, as she distracts from her DUI-accused husband who totaled two cars, caused medical and physical harm to the driver of the other car, while he was drugged and drunk and treated with the apparent golden velvet to which none of the rest of us would be heir, were we to be caught driving drunk and drugged?


And Trump is a fascist?




This isn’t the KGB west. Nor the STAASI west. Nor the criminal arms of third-world necropoli.

And you call Trump, our best president in decades, perhaps ever, a fascist?


The anger of the Conservative party will be stoked higher than Hunter’s highest hits as we dump the horrendous felons and sin-celebrants of this most feculent tier of miscreants in recorded memory.



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