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NYT’s Shameless Review of Kushner’s New Book

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To add to the seemingly unending growth of the “Attack on Trump Virus,” now spreading more rapidly than Biden’s payments to every freeloader in sight, the hatemongers at the New York Times have unleashed a barrage of bullets, via their legendary Book Reviews, at Jared Kushner, the son-in-law of the hated, “45,” who writes of his recollections from his years working at the White House. In our estimation, these rounds are all duds, as are the employees at The Tarnished Lady. The attempts to besmirch any and all friends, associates and even the record of achievements of Trump, are empty efforts to re-write history. Another effort by the slanted Left Wing Media, sure to fail.

Last Wednesday, The New York Times ran a review of Jared Kushner’s memoir, “Breaking History.” The reviewer, Dwight Garner, is a darling of the Far Left, not only a book critic for the NYT Book Review, he was the founding books editor of Salon.com, and was featured in Harper’s Magazine, the Nation, Slate and Vanity Fair. So, we know his biased mind-set. He, like the other reviewers at the above publications joined by the Washington Post,  Columbia Journalism Review, and the Guardian, all join in to not only pan and ridicule the author but truly set their sights on his father in law, the real target of Leftists for years to come.

Garner, who claims to be an upscale writer, sinks to the level of a grade school author with these words about Kushner: “He was in over his head, unable to curb his avarice, a cocky young real estate heir who happened to unwrap a lot of Big Macs beside his father-in-law.” Garner goes out of his way to avoid commenting on Kushner’s brilliance in putting together the Abraham Accords, that brought peace to the Middle East, an accomplishment not realized by the likes of JFK, Reagan, Carter, Obama and Clinton, to name just a few. Not any of these presidents, together with their career diplomats ever came close to having the nations of the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Morocco and Sudan, drop their hatred for Israel and start to work together to solve the area’s problems. Garner’s slanderous comments work to turn off the reader: “Kushner looks like a mannequin and writes like one.”

But how does Jared Kushner respond to these vicious attacks on his book? Appearing on Megyn Kelly’s radio show, he claimed he, “read that review and I thought it was hysterical.” He did not stoop to the low level of his attackers, rather he told the listening audience he was proud of his accomplishments as a consultant to the president and he brushed off the lies contained in the reviews of his book in a manly, cheerful manner. He did not respond with vitriol as expected by his critics.

This “review” is nothing more than an outright political attack on a Republican administration that actually accomplished a great deal more in every area during a mere 4 years: domestic and foreign, alike, than Obama did in 8 years. Just  look at the decline in our nation, in every area, with Biden in office a short year and a half. Surely, Mr. Garner will look and write favorably at a summary of the current president’s term, when and if that will come to pass. He can’t help it. He’s a Progressive. And his review, should help Kushner’s book should zoom to #1 soon, in…strangely enough, the New York Times Best Seller List. We hope so.

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