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NYC Gets More Migrants; Former Gov Thinks Abbott is “Brilliant”

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By: Hadassa Kalatizadeh

More migrant from the Texas border are being transported into New York City, as per the policy of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to send border jumpers into Democratic cities across the country.

As reported by the NY Post, early on Sunday morning another busload of illegal migrants arrived in NYC.  The bus, which arrived at approximately 7 a.m. at Manhattan’s Port Authority Bus Terminal, unloaded thirty-one young-adult migrants.  City Hall’s head of Immigrant Affairs, Manuel Castro, commented saying the latest “bus full of asylum seekers coming from Texas” was part of a shameful “political ploy”.

“We have serious issues about the way Gov. Abbott is treating asylum-seekers, especially because this is supposed to be a voluntary bus ride, and it appears that it’s not,” Castro told reporters on Sunday in Manhattan.  The commissioner was referring to reports that some of the migrants did not wish to come to NYC, rather had requested to get off the bus in Tennessee but were denied. There were also reports about sick or underfed migrants who arrived.  “We’ll talk to individuals, we’ll find out more,” he said. “In previous buses, people were sick, hungry, they had been through a lot. … There have been a lot of issues on the way here. As you may have heard, one individual, or many individuals, wanted to get off earlier, but the bus [driver] was refusing to.”

Last week, another two busses of migrants had arrived in the Big Apple, as part of Abbott’s effort to ease his state’s crisis which was caused by the Biden administration’s open border policy.  Abbott, a Republican, has said that New York is an “ideal destination” for the migrants, because of the city’s generous treatment of homeless people and the city’s Democratic base which has supported the open borders. Since April, Abbott has also sent over 6,100 migrants to Washington, DC, leading to a new crisis there.  Abbott’s office did not respond to requests for comment from The Post.

A City Hall rep said Sunday’s bussed-in migrants mostly originate from Venezuela and Colombia. The city and volunteers were ready to provide them with water, food and clothing, as well as legal and medical assistance, the representative said. The migrants are being taken to the city’s already overburdened shelters, unless they had arranged somewhere else to stay, as per Mayor Eric Adams.  “As the mayor of the city of New York, I don’t weigh into immigration issues, border issues — I have to provide services for families that are here,” Adams commented.

But not everyone criticized Abbott’s plan.  On Sunday, former NY Gov. David Paterson, a Democrat, said he is impressed with Abbott’s political move.  “The governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, has come up with … one of the most brilliant political strategies I’ve heard in a long time,” Paterson said on WABC 770’s “Cats Roundtable” on Sunday morning.  “It has really paid dividends to him politically,” Paterson said referring to Abbott. “In addition, it has put New York’s Mayor Eric Adams in the position where he can’t say he won’t accept the immigrants.”  “That would be going against what has been the policy most Democrats have on immigration in the first place. And if [Adams] sends the immigrants back to Texas, he is … going against his own attempt to get the federal government to help pay for the fact that they are here,” Paterson noted.

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