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Nonprofit Group “Safe New York” Taking on Legislators Who Support Bail Reform Laws

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Nonprofit Group “Safe New York” Taking on Legislators Who Support Bail Reform Laws

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As bail reform measures continue to take center stage in the ongoing conversation concerning the crime wave that has gripped New York City, a new group has emerged that is planning to boost the campaigns of moderate democrats in the Senate primaries that are scheduled for August 23rd.

The group seeks to offer pushback to the agenda of those in Albany who advocate a soft on crime approach, as was reported by the Post. The group has support from unions and wants to strengthen the campaigns of candidates who are running against progressive challengers backed by AOC and incumbents on the far left of the political spectrum, the Post reported.

The nonprofit group “Safe New York” which was formed only recently began to run ad on television as of Tuesday, The Post reported that a narrator on the ad says: “New York is making a comeback. But Albany has failed us when it comes to the safety and the justice we deserve.”

The Post reported that it’s organized by pro-Mayor Eric Adams Transport Workers Union president Tony Utano, Jackie Rowe-Adams of the anti-violence organization Harlem Mothers SAVE and reps from groups such as Alliance for Community Preservation and Betterment, New Yorkers for Safer Streets, WSUR Brownstones and Asian Wave Alliance.

The 30 second ad goes on to say: “We need state senators who will tackle the current crisis with stronger gun trafficking laws to get illegal guns off our streets and tools for judges to protect us from dangerous criminals, “ as was reported by the Post.

While the group is not throwing their support behind any particular candidates in senate races because of IRS rules that govern charities, the Post reported that the group is focusing on the angle that the criminal justice laws must be strengthened in order that the rule of law may prevail once again or at the very least restored to the gravitas that they once were prior to their pre-bail reform days.

A source revealed to the Post that “Safe New York” is planning to spend close to a million dollars on the statewide ad buy.

Speaking to the Post, Utano said, “Public safety on our subways and on our streets has reached a crisis level, and voters need to know what is at stake in the upcoming elections this month. It is essential for the future of New York that our leaders make common sense decisions to keep New Yorkers safe, so that our city and state can recover and thrive.”

The message of the group comes at a time when New York City Mayor Eric Adams, who is under pressure to curb the astronomical rise in crime in the city that he governs, has made repeated requests that Governor Kathy Hochul call an emergency session of the Democrat-controlled state Legislature and roll back parts of the controversial bail reform statute, as was reported by the Post.

Thus far, Hochul has been resistant to amending the bail reform laws and has been assigning blames to judges in New York for not adhering to the law.

The Post reported that the issue of the rise in crime will be a central point in some state senate primaries. This is particularly so in districts where incumbents who defended bail reform are running to keep their seats.

For example, in the senate race in the 31st district that encompasses upper Manhattan, the incumbent State Senator Robert Jackson is facing a fierce challenge from Angel Vazquez, an education and policy advisor for the United Federation of Teachers, as was reported by the Post.

Another race that is being watched is in the 33rd senate district that covers parts of The Bronx. The Post reported that incumbent Senator Gustavo Rivera is running against challenge Miguelina Camilo, an attorney who is receiving support by the Bronx Democratic Party.

The primary election is scheduled for Aug. 23.

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