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Monkey-Pox: Not a Danger to Us All

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Our nation is still deeply concerned with the Covid pandemic. And there’s no end in sight. According to the New York Times, we suffer a daily average of 118,000 new Covid cases, 44,000 hospitalizations with 500 deaths, and we repeat; this is on a daily basis. Our citizens are frantic, avoiding crowds and staying indoors reading articles in the media quoting medical journals warning of possible knock-offs of the disease that may lead to required multiple vaccinations in the future. We’re traumatized, yet Xavier Becerra, an attorney and former legislator, who is our current Secretary of Health and Human Services, last Thursday, officially declared a public health emergency to address the monkeypox (mpx) outbreak. “We are ready and able to escalate our response to this virus and urge all Americans take monkeypox very seriously.”

This non-medical politically appointed official copycatted the World Health Organization (WHO), that declared this disease an emergency. So, just is what this mpx disease, that has our officials scaring the, you know what, out of all of us? This is an ailment that occurs 99% among sexually active gay men. The media is painfully attempting to warn us that we are all in danger of becoming affected by this virus that causes an outbreak of painful, pus-filled sores that clear up without serious side effects in a few weeks and rarely lead to death. In short and the truth; it is limited to men who have sex with one another. But since the gay community is a politically active one, with close ties to the Biden administration, it rates the health-panic sirens going off on MSNBC, CNN, PBS and the other Progressive outlets.

There is our fear that this  “public health emergency,” similar to the COVID-19 pandemic will be used to continue the nearly two year control our leadership has held over us. Anything to keep the public unnerved and looking to the government for leadership. Forget about gas prices, inflation, recession, illegal immigration, crime and an out of touch with reality president…”another dire medical threat to the world!”

The liberal mainstream outlets and our public health officials are trying so hard not to label mpx as a “gay men’s disease,” which it is. There is a rather uncomfortable truth, one that cannot be denied, even in the perverted media. And that is that the sexual behavior specific to gay and bisexual men have made them more likely to acquire and transmit sexual infections, way more so than heterosexual men. And this fact goes for all sexually transmitted diseases (STD). This includes syphillis, HIV, gonorrhea and such. All public health officials agree that skin-to-skin and the intense sexual activities among gay men, has so far, has been the  principal driver of the mpx outbreak. They have also stated that the risk of mpx, to the broader population is very low. The rare caveat, of course, is that affected men having relations with women will also spread this rare but non-fatal disease.

We plead with our health officials to focus on informing the gay population of the risks involved with their behaviors as we aggressively do to drivers who drink and take drugs. And there is a vaccination for those who have been or may be exposed to the disease. Advertise this, the locations where they can be vax’d and the means to prevent acquiring the disease. Don’t fear the stigma and judgments of homophobia that may arise in talking about mpx. We can deal with those outcomes. But don’t bury the crucial facts. Monkeypox is a gay thing! When gay men understand the threat, they are more likely to take precautions: Like avoiding sex with men and getting vaccinated if they continue to do so. And let’s stop recklessly and unnecessarily terrorizing the population that is already wobbly from COVD-19. Let the truth be told!!


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