Mayor Adams Greets Migrants Sent from Texas; Plans City Shelter   - The Jewish Voice
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Mayor Adams Greets Migrants Sent from Texas; Plans City Shelter  

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By:  Hadassa Kalatizadeh

On Sunday, Mayor Eric Adams was on hand with reporters and cameras waiting at the Port Authority Bus Terminal to greet the latest busload of migrants being sent here from Texas.

As reported by the NY Post, on Friday another busload of about 50 migrant border crossers were dumped out into New York City streets.  City officials were also expecting Sunday’s bus to be full, but were surprised to see there were only 14 left on the bus, meaning most of the passengers must have got off before reaching the city.   “And we are concerned about that because we don’t want people being dropped off [just] anywhere,” the mayor said, indicating that the city wants to keep an eye on the new arrivals.

On Monday, the Post reported that the city is quickly planning to open a sprawling facility in Midtown Manhattan to process and provide housing for the wave of arriving migrants,

Mayor Eric Adams’ Department of Homeless Services requested Thursday that the city’s non-profit shelter operators prepare and submit plans to operate the facility, which must have sufficient space to hold up to 600 households.

Mayor Adams also commented to say that the migrants must have been too afraid of the crime-riddled city.  “We were led to believe about 40 people should have been on that bus. Only 14 got off,” Adams said at a 7 a.m. press conference at Midtown’s Port Authority Bus Terminal.  He said that the passengers must have skipped the city “because of the fear that something was going to happen to them if they came to this location, people got off earlier.”  A City Hall spokeswoman would not elaborate on what the migrants might fear in the Big Apple — rather she insisted the mayor was not necessarily referring to the alarming crime rate.  Major crime has skyrocketed in NYC this year, increasing about 40% compared to 2021, as per NYPD statistics.

The migrants who did make it to the city, some of whom were young kids, were led off the buses and to the street into cabs. They were to be taken to the city’s already overburdened shelters, unless they had arranged somewhere else to stay, the mayor said.

The buses are part of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s effort to ease his state’s crisis which was caused by the Biden administration’s open border policy.  Abbott, a Republican, has openly said he will ship migrants off to other states in the country where the leadership is Democratic. Abbott has said that New York is an “ideal destination” for the migrants, because of the city’s generous treatment of homeless people. Since April, Abbott has also sent over 6,100 migrants to Washington, DC, leading to a new crisis there.  Abbott’s office did not respond to requests for comment from The Post.

Mayor Adams complained that Abbott’s office is not communicating with them efficiently. “They’re not letting us know when the buses are leaving. They’re not letting us know what are the needs of the people on the bus. They are not giving us any information so we’re unable to really provide the service to people en route,” Adams complained.  “We would like to get that information,” the mayor said.

Adams told The Post that he would not pursue an effort to ask President Biden or federal agencies to change the border policy, as a way to ease the flow of migrants into NY.  “As the mayor of the city of New York, I don’t weigh into immigration issues, border issues — I have to provide services for families that are here,” Adams said.

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