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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Letters to the Editor

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Kissing Our Freedoms Goodbye

Dear Editor:

Now that the FBI has gone full political in raiding the Florida home of former President Trump, we can now kiss our freedoms goodbye. Unless the Democrats are totally thrown out of command in Congress, the nation is doomed. Armed now with 87,000 more IRS agents to descend on Biden’s political opponents and intimidate all others to “follow the leader” or else, what hope do we have?

It’s impossible to accept the claims by fellow Jews of the Democrat persuasion that “there is nothing to worry about,” is lunacy. Are they that blind to the sudden fascism that is now pervading our nation? Don’t they see the eroding of our liberties? First the Republicans and then the Democrats and then everybody will be under political scrutiny from a one party system. It may be too late to act and vote, but an effort must be made to secure our nation from the enemies within.

Harris Fein
Queens, NY


Stunned by Student Debt Forgiveness

Dear Editor:

I’m stunned by the massive dollar give-a-way to student debtors and colleges that Biden has just unleashed. A trillion bucks to wipe away the lawful debts incurred by kids who borrowed, fully aware of the requirements to repay these loans, will help topple the nation. Why not come to the aid of people who have unpaid delinquent car loans, home mortgages or credit card debt? Why not come to their aid? That’s next, to secure the upcoming elections.

We’re already seeing millions of illegals flooding our borders being absorbed, unvaxxed, unvetted for diseases, criminal backgrounds, without clothes, documentation, funds, knowledge of our language, or roofs over their heads. And we can handle millions of them each and every year? What lunacy are we viewing?

I’m asking each and every reader to come to the realization that we’re watching the quick decline not only of our nation, but the building blocks of freedom that have kept this nation alive for over 250 years. Wake up and start to speak up and vote to reclaim our nation.

Shirley Goodman
Brooklyn, NY


California & Electric Vehicles

Dear Editor:

Now that California has ruled out the sales of gasoline automobiles after 2035, where does that leave purchasers of such vehicles, gas-wise who move into the state after that year or even of owners of such vehicles from prior years? Do they chuck away their cars for an EV one? And what of 18 wheelers for whom electric propulsion is not even on the horizon? Will they be refused admittance into the state? Where will they gas up? Will this lead to starvation among Californians? And what of airplanes landing in that state? How will they “gas up?” We don’t hear of electric propelled planes….yet? Will they be denied landing rights in California?

Is anyone advising the lunatic governor nor the state legislature on reality? Will California become another Sri Lanka a once flourishing-with-food nation, now at the point of starving their populations due to carbon fuel banning? I’m for my house warmed this winter with good old gas heat and food fertilized with whatever ingredients that produce multiple, healthy crops.

Eleanor Brodsky
Richmond, Virginia


Giving Away Money to Losers

Dear Editor:

If we’re bailing out student loan debtors, even those who are in default, why not scrutinize more closely, those student borrowers currently applying for such loans? Why keep giving money away to losers, who have no ability nor intention of repaying such burdens? And why not have colleges enter the student loan arena by guaranteeing that the education they deliver will adequately prepare their graduates with the ability to earn good livings, enough to easily repay the amounts they borrow? If their students (products) prove inefficient, they the colleges must bear the burden of their failures to prepare their students for life. We do that with vacuum cleaner and auto purchases. We get guarantees that the products work. Why not with live people who go to college to learn?

Maxinne Weber
Brooklyn, NY


Loves Ron DeSantis

Dear Editor,

I live in the free state of Florida. I’m happy I moved from Roslyn, NY where the governor and legislature has condemned its residents to Far Left, Woke, Radical Left ideology that will bring that state to its knees. I doubt that Lee Zeldin, the Republican candidate for Governor will make it in a state wracked with criminal politicians and more than enough brain dead voters to deny him the office he and all New Yorkers deserve. The attempt to kill him while speaking to an group was frightening. The attacker was initially let go. Madness. But that’s the rule in NYS. Live there and get to live with it.

Here in sunny Florida, we are blessed with a brilliant Governor DeSantis, who fights for the security, welfare and future of all of his citizens. No way he’ll allow teacher unions to dictate over school boards to mandate teaching masturbation and outlining sex changes to kindergartners, nor permit the White House to dangerously demand the injection of dangerous chemicals into population on the whims of lunatic medical “experts” like Fauci and Walensky who admitted they were wrong so many times with the Covid epidemic.

DeSantis is a gem and we Floridians, of all political stripes respect him.

Roger Wolkens
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida


Was Attacked in Midtown

Dear Editor:

The letter, “NYC Street Predator” was right on the money. I was recently attacked by two black teen thugs on W. 37th St. in broad daylight. My wallet, watch, cell phone and ring were stolen. A good Samaritan called the cops who took 6 minutes to respond. I gave them my story, identified the sex and race of the kids and what they took. They politely told me that they probably would never catch the culprits and if they did, my items would be long gone. They mentioned the Manhattan DA, Bragg, whom they felt was part and parcel of the uptick in crime in the borough and confided in me that they would never physically confront a black criminal for fear of being sued, losing their jobs and pensions as a result of any altercation. It was a no-no for any in the NYPD to “get involved.”

I and my wife and kids are now heading down to Florida for two weeks to look at a home to move to. We cannot live, work and attend school in the city any longer. It’s time for others, black, white, green or yellow to leave the city of crime once and for all. Safety is the key and the Big Apple has no lock for it to fit into. Good-bye MY.

Marc Fratello
Queens, NYC

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