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Letters to the Editor

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Rewarding Law Breakers

Dear Editor:

Since New York City is a “ Sanctuary City”, Mayor Adams should be very happy that Governor Abbott is shipping busloads of “Illegal immigrants to New York”. After all, New York welcomes lawbreakers and criminals.  Instead of helping all of the homeless citizens, many of whom are Veterans, who served our country, they are laying out the red carpet for Illegals who came across the border illegally.  They get cell phones and vouchers, medical care, and free $400.00 a night hotel rooms.  Adams is going to rent over 5000 hotel rooms for them to live in.  Hotels in the heart of Broadway, one was formerly known as the Milford Plaza.  They now have to find schools for 1000 children who speak no English and will be squeezed into already overcrowded classrooms.

It is a terrible situation that the borders are wide open and nothing is being done to stop this influx of illegals from continuing to pour in here.  Our Veterans, many whom have mental conditions and drug problems caused by years of combat are forgotten, pushed to the curb like garbage.  Adams is making sure law breakers and possible criminals will get the best treatment while others sleep on a piece of cardboard on the street.

A. Clarke


Midwood, Brooklyn

The Real Reason Elizabeth Warren Lost

Dear Editor:

In her book she wonders why she lost her bid for President. She now states if she was a ‘man’ she would have won.  I can tell you why she lost. We just plain don’t like you. You have the cringe factor when we hear and see you. We reject your superficial pseudo intellectual, out of your depth, trying too hard screeching at us. And we don’t like your LL Bean, I’m just one of you, dressed down, sloppy phony look either.

But that isn’t all we reject about you.  You have called for military aid to Israel to be stopped,  appointed Max Berger as your Director of Progressive Partnerships, who co-founded IfNotNow who’s openly stated goal is to end Israel’s existence.  You also like to focus only on the Jewish “settlements” to condemn Israel which constitute less than 3 percent of the land on the so called West Bank. Israel doesn’t “occupy” any territory since the West Bank never legally belonged to another country. Legally, the area is disputed.  You never mention the multiple fair peace offers rejected by these Arabs who could have had a state of their own, many times over.

Warren should travel to any Arab or Islamic dominated lands and try openly criticizing the local authorities. She would be hauled off to the nearest jail and firmly escorted out of the country.  Contrast that with Israel’s efforts to maintain an open democracy, who gives legal and civil freedoms to all, while having to maintain security to defend its citizens from repeated attacks and threats.  Take a trip. Go far away. And don’t come back. And don’t ever run for any office again. We’d welcome your absence.

Ginette Weiner
Scottsdale, AZ


Who Will Replace Anthony Fauci?

Dear Editor:

Now that Fauci is out of the way, who will Biden appoint to take his place? Will he choose another Left Winger who will be bought off, as Fauci was, by the medical industry to  follow their orders to make billions of bucks for them at the expense of the American public? If he or his handlers do so, we will be in deep trouble when the next pandemic hits.

Will Senator Paul hold retiring Fauci’s feet to the fire if and when the Senate is taken over by the Republicans? He will surely call the good doctor and have him take the witness stand to be grilled by a Republican wielding the committee gavel and be sworn to tell the truth. This is all the more reason to vote Republican in the upcoming elections in order to get the real story of how the Covid 19 epidemic was mishandled by Biden and his horde of medical criminals.

Stanley Mandel
Seaview, Brooklyn


Was Attacked in Midtown

Dear Editor:

The letter, “NYC Street Predator” was right on the money. I was recently attacked by two black teen thugs on W. 37th St. in broad daylight. My wallet, watch, cell phone and ring were stolen. A good Samaritan called the cops who took 6 minutes to respond. I gave them my story, identified the sex and race of the kids and what they took. They politely told me that they probably would never catch the culprits and if they did, my items would be long gone. They mentioned the Manhattan DA, Bragg, whom they felt was part and parcel of the uptick in crime in the borough and confided in me that they would never physically confront a black criminal for fear of being sued, losing their jobs and pensions as a result of any altercation. It was a no-no for any in the NYPD to “get involved.”

I and my wife and kids are now heading down to Florida for two weeks to look at a home to move to. We cannot live, work and attend school in the city any longer. It’s time for others, black, white, green or yellow to leave the city of crime once and for all. Safety is the key and the Big Apple has no lock for it to fit into. Good-bye MY.

Marc Fratello
Queens, NYC


No to Taxpayer Funds to Palestinian Hospital

Dear Editor:

Kudos to letter writer, George Kronfeld, who informed us of the American taxpayer funds handed over to the Palestinian run Augusta Victoria hospital in Jerusalem. The horror of giving this money to a hospital specifically not admitting or treating Jews! I’m contacting my Hadassah region chairlady to inform her of this fact and demanding that she in turn, contact her superior in the Hadassah chain of leadership to call for the hospital in Jerusalem to send all of their Muslim patients to Augusta Victoria to be treated. Hadassah gets no funds from our own government and depends on Jewish donors to exist. Why doesn’t Hadassah leadership speak out for Jews? I’ve had it with this foolishness of “It’s the Jewish thing to do good for all.” Nonsense, if we’re not all speaking out for Jews, who will? Surely not the Muslims. I’m thinking of leaving this organization for one who is unabashedly pro-Jewish. No more nonsense like this.

Shirley Krasner
Brooklyn, NY

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