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Thursday, October 6, 2022

Letters to the Editor

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No to Undocumented Citizens in NYC

Dear Editor:

Why is NYC’s Mayor Adams standing by and letting us take in the hundreds of undocumented citizens sent to us by the Governor of Texas? Why not have buses standing by in the terminal and loading these people right on to them as they get off the buses from Texas? Let them be sent to the closest Republican state there is and drop them off there? As it stands now, we will have to feed, educate, medicate, house and clothe these people who seem to have nothing with them to keep them for even one day.

We don’t know how many of them have higher education for them to qualify as teachers, nurses, accountants or the skills for them to practice as plumbers or electricians. There must be some who could help us in these hard times do the work that so many of our own citizens can’t or won’t do. I feel for these people just as I admire my own grandparents who came to this land impoverished, hungry and uneducated, yet willing to do the hard jobs no one else wanted. And they prospered.

So, let’s question these people when they get off the Texas buses, find out their needs and send them to states who can offer them employment and all they need to survive and prosper. We, in NYC have our own problems to deal with.

Jennie Pollowitz
Manhattan, NY



Lawlessness Rules in America

Dear Editor:

I never thought I would live to see the day when such corruption and lawlessness would rule in America.  After the George Floyd riots that tore America apart, killing many civilians, injuring hundreds of police and burning down business after business, destroying neighborhoods, I thought this can’t be happening here in America.

The Democratic mayors and Governors of those states that were being attacked, stood back and let it happen. They refused National Guard and refused to stop the onslaught and violence.  The rioters all got off without even a reprimand.  I was in shock and couldn’t believe it could get this bad in America.  Laws and rules and the Constitution were thrown aside by the “Progressive Socialist Party”, that called themselves Democrats.   Now they have sunk to new lows, they have decided to weaponize the FBI and the Justice Department.  They raided President Trump’s private home in Mara Lago showing up with 30 FBI agents.  They claim to be searching for documents that should have been turned over to the archives.

President Trump has been cooperating with the Government and turned over any documents they requested. This is a sham and nothing other than the Socialist Democratic Party trying to  find new fake charges to use against Trump to stop him from running again in 2024.  They fear him and know he will blow the demented Biden out of the water.  So after their two attempts of impeaching him failed and the fake Russian collusion story failed, they came up with this raid.

Wake up America, this can happen to anyone of us if we dare to speak against their leadership or dare to wear a shirt or hat that depicts a Republican candidate.  They will also be able to hire 87,000 new IRS agents to audit all of us. Yes, even the middle-class worker will be audited. They need to raise money to give to the millions of illegals crossing the borders by the droves.

If these thugs are allowed to get away with their illegal actions, we will no longer be a Democracy, we might as well rip up the Constitution too.  We will become like Nicaragua or Cuba or Venezuela. Is this what people really want?

A worried Citizen
Brooklyn New York


Hadassah Hospital Treating Palestinian Patients

Dear Editor,

I didn’t like the letter condemning Jerusalem’s Hadassah hospital for admitting and treating Palestinian patients in need of medical help. The lady mentioned Biden’s giving a hospital in a Palestinian controlled area of Jerusalem $100,000,000 in aid. Good for him. The money will be used to help people. I can’t imagine the Palestinian leadership not using this money for the hospital.

I’m a member of a Hadassah chapter and they tell us all the time just how our funding helps all human beings, not just Jews alone. That’s what Jewish law tells us to do. Even our enemies are human in the eyes of God. I’m concerned that opinions like that of the letter writer who told of the Palestinian hospital and its denying treatment to Jews, will slow down the donations for Hadassah and its good work and treatment of all. We are told by our Hadassah leaders how much goodwill the hospital encourages by treating Palestinians. Perhaps continuing this will convince them to finally accept us as partners and not as enemies.

Doris Hortstein
Brooklyn NY


Ups & Downs of the Stock Market

Dear Editor:

I wish you would have a financial expert write a column in your paper, headlining the ups and downs of the stock market in weekly terms, for readers. It would give us another viewpoint to keep us up to date with the market. Rather than the daily reports, we could see your experts’ opinions as an overview of the week’s performance. I feel it would broaden and enhance the attractiveness of your paper to its readers. There’s also the possibility of increasing your advertising revenue by including financial corporations as advertisers for their business.

William Sandler
Whitestone, New York

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