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Thursday, October 6, 2022

Letters to the Editor

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NYC Street Predator

Dear Editor:

Strange, that the video of the martial arts guy taking down a NYC street predator did not make it to CNN, MSNBC, NPR, PBS, CBS, NBC and so forth. Only on Fox News. I was gratified to see that clip and copied it so that I could watch it whenever I want to. This guy should get a medal from Mayor Adams. But…will he be prosecuted by DA Alvin Bragg for embarrassing a black street thug who was made into a laughing stock to his “brothers” by his beating? What ordinary NY citizen would go to such lengths to stop such an animal in his tracks? How many have the physical capabilities to do so? Hey, include our NYPD in the last question. We’re all backing off.

Ralph Edelman
Brooklyn, NY 


Gaza Entrenched Terrorists

Dear Editor,

As of this writing there is some sort of cease fire with the Gaza entrenched terrorists who have unleashed over 200 missiles into Israel. Of course, the Muslims start the mini-war, get in their licks, absorb some punishment from the IDF and then the UN, Egypt, or some other entity comes in and creates an armistice broken by the Islamists and on and on. Of course, our own media flocks to Gaza to report of the fictionalized civilian casualty figures that stir up the feelings of the “oppressed” to prove Israel’s inhumanity.

Isn’t it time for Israel to go into Gaza, not with ground troops but with missiles aircraft and drones and take out the entire military staff, their supply lines and storage compounds, once and for all. Destroy the pipeline of terrorists who flood into the area. Give warning that the next onslaught against Israel will cause the Jewish state to destroy the infrastructure of terror from that area, once and for all. If not now, it will have to be eventually be done.

Andrew Colton
Phoenix, Arizona


Is Biden Able to Run Again?

Dear Editor:

How much longer will we, the people have to put up with a president who is, to all intents and purposes, brainless, senseless and without the facilities to think and make a decision? We are all in his hands, 350 million of us. And throw in the rest of the free world that relies on our military and our commerce to survive. He has to face the likes of Putin, Xi, the dictator of North Korea and the Mullahs of Iran. My 91 year old grandfather, in a wheelchair, residing in a nursing home has better reasoning processes than Joe Biden. He and his fellow card partners can out think and out tall Biden any day of the wee. And they don’t use teleprompters to discuss issues with one another.

It’s time for the Democrats to face the facts and remove him from office. It’s too bad they put Kamala as next in line. Tough noogies! Let her take over for the net year and a half and at least she has some thought processes that may carry us through until Donald Trump assumes office once again in 2025….if we’re still around. The Dems got us into this and they have to get us out.

Paul Bialikoff
Syosset, NY


Pelosi’s Trip to Taiwan

Dear Editor:

Pelosi made the trip to Taiwan without incident, as of my writing to you. We feared the Communist Mainland Chinese would do some sort of retaliation for her visit that would ensnare our nations in WWIII. It didn’t happen. She was right on the money and President Biden was not. He cautioned her to cancel her trip. He was backed by our military leaders. What does that tell us? As a long time registered and active Democrat I call for Biden to be removed, impeached, whatever. Get him out. The chutzpah and brilliance of Pelosi, puts him and the rest of our male leaders to shame. They’re afraid of their shadows.

The Speaker of the House has proven that the Chinese are four-flushers, fakers. They ran up against a stone wall with Nancy. They have Biden in their pocket. He, his son, the whole family are on their payroll. They must have much ammunition implicating all of them and are blackmailing them in order to have Joe do their bidding. Let Kama finish out the term and in 2024 let’s go through the process of choosing a leader, this time one without financial ties to our enemies. Maybe a woman. Let the chips fall where they may. But let the chips be made in the USA!

Shirley Horwitz
Queens, NY


Waking up to Reality

Dear Editor:

Biden gave the Palestinian run, Jerusalem/Arab sector based, Augusta Victoria hospital, that treats no Jews, $100 million during his last visit. No reports of him doing the same for Hadassah’s hospitals that even have beds open for wounded Palestinian/Hamas terrorists who require treatment for wounds received attempting to murder Jews. Their doctors claim, “Its the right thing to do. A Jewish thing.”

This makes no sense. I made calls to the Lutheran wardens of the “Palestinian only,” AV hospital. They admitted that no Jews were treated in their facility last year. With the funds they receive from Lutheran charitable sources plus the funds our taxpayers will donate to Augusta-Victoria medical center, I suggest that Hadassah no longer treat non-Israeli citizens, but rather have such patients register with their Palestinian-only hospital for treatment. Our people should come before our outspoken enemies. Let’s wake up to reality.

George Kronfeld
Queens, NY


It’s Time to Say Goodbye

Dear Editor:

I wish good luck to the group of people who are finally organized together and are going to court to try and get rid of these unsightly outdoor dining shacks that are all over the 5 boroughs.  They served a good purpose when the pandemic was raging, and indoor dining was forbidden. Now that mandates and regulations have been lifted, there is no reason these sheds should remain. They have brought many problems all over.

To begin with, they have become run down and graffiti covered.  Many restaurants do not use them for people but have started to store garbage and other refuge there.  They have attracted rats and other vermin.  The sidewalks are narrower and hard to navigate with these structures,  and the sheds that are in the street are slowing down traffic taking a lane away from cars and delivery trucks. Let’s not forget the cars that lose control and crash into them.   Overall, it is harming the quality of life for the people who live near and have to pass by these shabby structures every day.  Adams is Mayor now, he can cancel what Di Blasio did and do something about this.  It’s time to say goodbye to these eyesores and the health hazards they are causing.

Lisa Green
Midwood, Brooklyn

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