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Thursday, October 6, 2022

Letters to the Editor

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The Zelenskys “Pose” for Vogue

Dear Editor:

Zelensky and his wife posed for Vogue Magazine. Is he not aware that Teen Vogue has a nasty and long history of featuring those who support BDS, who malign Israel? Camera.org has repeatedly exposed their disgusting Jew and Israel hate:


He also does not appear to have adequate knowledge of, or a moral compass regarding the Holocaust. “Zelensky also enraged Israeli lawmakers…tear into Zelensky for Holocaust comparisons in Knesset speech…Zelensky also distorted the part his country played in the murder of Jews,” they said, according to the Ynet news site.


I for one am sick and tired of Zelensky’s self-promotion, distortion of facts to suit his needs, however noble, and frankly using his “Jewishness” to berate Israel for not meeting all his demands, despite the security risk it might pose to Israel.

I suggest he hit the books while waiting for the photographer of Vogue and educate himself before opening his mouth again and apologize to all Jews for even posing for a magazine with this sordid offshoot, Teen Vogue whose anti-Zionist, anti-Israel, pro-BDS posture is a total disgrace.

Ginette Weiner
Scottsdale, AZ


Questioning Policies of Hadassah Hospital

Dear Editor:

Why does Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem still have to admit and treat non-Israel citizens, Palestinians, who come to the hospital in hordes, for pre-natal treatment and to give birth, if President Biden just handed out over one hundred million U.S. taxpayer bucks to Augusta Victoria hospital, located in East Jerusalem? If that money is not turned over directly to the Palestinian Authority for them to stash away in heir Swiss bank accounts, it should be sufficient to run their hospital and medically  treat ALL Palestinians, without going to Hadassah hospital.

I called up the hospital’s main office in Europe and asked them just how many Jews were treated last year at Augusta Victoria and after repeated requests could not get an answer from them. Of course, they treat no Jews at this Palestinian-Lutheran run hospital. Most probably, Jews would never come out of that place alive were they to go there for treatment.

Hadassah members who so generously fund that charity, should ask their local Hadassah leaders to inquire into this situation. No American tax money nor Palestinian funding is given to the Jewish run hospital. If the Palestinians have this money, let them use their own facility and stay away from Hadassah hospital which should treat only Israeli citizens. And by the way, I’m a member of this organization. Have been for years.

Hilda Banchick
Brooklyn, NY


Why Are NYC Restaurants Empty?

Dear Editor;

Have any other readers noticed the lack of patrons in Manhattan restaurants lately? Compared to pre-pandemic times, they are practically empty. The poor leadership of Mayors DeBlasio and currently Adams is to blame. Disease, crime and political incompetence has reduced all business in four of the five boroughs to worrisome status.

Only Staten Island, run by Republicans, appears to me, to have survived. Unless New Yorkers wake up to ineptitude, malfeasance, criminality and stupidity of our current elected leaders and stop voting the one party line, we are through as the leading city in the nation. Look how one man, Florida’s Governor DeSantis, has not only kept his state going during this pandemic, he’s made Florida the go-to one in the union. Business is booming, schools are superb and the people are happy. And don’t forget, they have no state income tax to further burden them. In short, let’s start working to replace the incompetents running NYC with public servants who have the welfare of their citizens at heart.

Carl Siegelman
Ft. Lee, New Jersey


Pelosi’s Trip to Taiwan

Dear Editor:

I’m writing this while watching the news commentators on CNN, throwing out their mindless opinions of whether Nancy Pelosi will go to Taiwan. She’s presently in Shanghai or some other place in Asia. None of them mentioned, or perhaps didn’t even know, that President Biden was not in favor of her visiting the free nation of China. Biden initially claimed his military advisors cautioned against her trip, fearing a violent reaction from the Chinese dictator, Xi. Never before Biden entered the White House, did we see such cowardice from the top echelons of our military. What signal does this send to the rest of the world? Another Afghanistan-like betrayal of our leadership, evidently.

These actions, indicating weakness and lack of resolve on the part of America should send shivers down the backs of the of the Israeli people. Based on these actions of either timidity or fear of war on our part, they should now be seriously considering, and preparing for an attack on its nation from Iran. The Mullahs must act before the 2022 elections change the leadership structure in this country. Surely, a 2024 takeover of the White House would send a message of hope for all nations, loyal to this country, that we would not abandon them. Iran, North Korea, Russia and China must be planning a soon-to-come attack on their enemies before we again become a military power with a leadership committed to standing up against totalitarian, despot led nations who wish to rule the world. It’s getting late for us.

Juan Mendoza Singer

Geo-Political Calamities

Dear Editor:

Biden’s trip to the Middle East was a bummer. He cannot and did nothing right on his visit to Israel, the Palestinian controlled areas and Saudi Arabia. He tried to get the Israelis to give in to a Two State Solution, to give away Jerusalem and to stop the settlement building. He gave funds to the Palestinians to support their terror campaign against Israel. And he begged the Saudis for the oil that we have lots of right beneath our own soil back home.

Let’s face it; he’s a babbling idiot who barely knows where he is at any time. The Russians, Chinese, North Koreans and Iranians are licking their lips to get at us. And they will. Taiwan, South Korea and Israel will feel the brunt of their enemies who know the Biden administration is weak, powerless and stupid. The handwriting is on the wall. Unless we, as a nation, wake up and throw out the progressives and their leaders, we are heading for destruction and soon.

Gloria Hertzig
Valley Stream, NY

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