Kushner’s Bombshell Book Claims Andrew Cuomo Knew that Covid Would Cause Nursing Home Deaths Before He Issued Executive Order - The Jewish Voice
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Kushner’s Bombshell Book Claims Andrew Cuomo Knew that Covid Would Cause Nursing Home Deaths Before He Issued Executive Order

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As is well known in political circles and publishing houses across the country, when former or even current White House officials sit down to write their own tell-all memoirs of the time they spent in Washington, it is bound to raise eyebrows and attract attention.

While most book of this genre garner some attention, it seems that when son-in-law and senior advisor to former President Donald Trump writes a book, everybody stands up and listens quite carefully.  As the release date of August 23rd comes closer, Jared Kushner’s tome, “Breaking History: A White House Memoir” has been capturing the focus of the media who are quoting quite liberally from the review copies that they received.

And Jared has a lot to tell. Some it beyond shocking, some it is enlightening, but none of it dull.

The New York Post recently reported that Kushner released a few bombshells about the coronavirus and the role that embattled ex-New York Governor Andrew Cuomo played. While Cuomo’s now infamous March 25, 2020 order to nursing homes to allow Covid patients in to their facilities despite the known risks to life that the virus would have some elderly and infirm people is not news, what is news is that the Post reported that Kushner wrote that Cuomo said the coronavirus “could burn through nursing homes “like fire through dry grass” 10 days before he issued the March 2020 executive order which ultimately spelled disaster for his political career.

The Post reported that Kushner wrote that “Cuomo specifically mentioned possible nursing home horrors in a 30-minute phone call as Kushner helped lead the early White House pandemic response as infections mounted in New York. In the March 15 call, Cuomo allegedly told Kushner, “For nursing homes, this could be like fire through dry grass.”

Cuomo’s subsequent March 25 order said nursing homes weren’t allowed to turn away patients “solely based on a confirmed or suspected diagnosis of COVID-19,” which the families of victims said was a death sentence for vulnerable elderly residents, as was reported by the Post.

In his book, however, Kushner did not slam Cuomo completely and said that the two enjoyed a good working relationship as Kushner assisted in leading the White House coronavirus response. Also, the Post reported that Kushner had a soft spot for the former New York Governor because Cuomo was supportive of Jared’s father, Charles in the aftermath of his arrest in 2004. The Post reported that Kushner said Cuomo told his billionaire father, “I’ve had highs and lows as well. You’ll be back.”

As for Cuomo’s March 25th nursing home executive order, the Post reported that it remained in effect until May 10 and was intended to ease hospital crowding.

According to the Post report, Kushner does not go into detail on the nursing home scandal in his book.

Attorney General Letitia James’ office had launched a probe of reported nursing homes deaths in New York due to the Covid virus. The Post reported that the Cuomo administration went on to admittedly cover up the death statistics from nursing homes to impede a federal investigation.





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