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It’s Over? CDC Rolls Back All COVID Guidelines, Virus Exposed Not Recommended to Quarantine

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Edited by Jared Evan

Quietly, last Thursday the CDC put out new COVID guidelines, which are a polar opposite of the last 2 years reccomendations and guidelibnes

The revised guidance – released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Thursday – lifts the requirement to quarantine if exposed to the virus, deemphasizes screening people with no symptoms and updates COVID-19 protocols in schools, eliminating a recommendation for test-to-stay after potential exposure., NPR reported.

Strangely this bombshell news has been under-reported and basically unnoticed.

Essentially the CDC has downgraded the serverity of COVID to a point where the virus is being treated more on the level of a common flu.

Zero Hedge pointed out:

New guidelines only recommend that people who have been exposed “wear a mask for 10 days” and get tested for the virus on day 5, according to the New York Times, a radical departure from the prior draconian measures which required self-imposed quaratines for as long as 14 days.

The CDC also doesn’t recommend staying at least 6 feet away from other people to reduce the risk of exposureCNN noted.

It also brings the recommendations for unvaccinated people in line with people who are fully vaccinated – an acknowledgment of the high levels of population immunity in the U.S., due to vaccination, past COVID-19 infections or both, NPR pointed out.

The new guidelines also say that contact tracing “should be limited to hospitals and certain high-risk group-living situations such as nursing homes”.

They also “de-emphasize the use of regular testing to screen for Covid-19, except in certain high-risk settings like nursing homes and prisons”, Zero Hedge pointed out

NPR Pointed out:

The changes could have some of the biggest impact in K-12 schools. The guidance eliminates the strategy known as “test-to-stay” – a schedule of testing for people that were exposed to the coronavirus but not up to date with their vaccinations – that allowed them to continue in-person learning, so long as they continued to test negative and showed no symptoms.



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