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Governmental Abuse of Power Could Lead to Violence

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We’re openly concerned that because of recent extreme government actions and behavior, the nation is now vulnerable to violent, “retaliatory” anti-government behavior of its citizens, the likes of which we have not experienced since the birth of our nation with a real, violent revolution in 1776. And that’s a long time! Sadly, this nation is now divided by race, wealth, education and sex but the most dangerous situation is in the explosive area of politics. We’re now on the borderline of open war between the two sides. A false move can trigger violence.

The unexpected presidential election win of Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton in 2016 started the battle. We saw the politicized FBI and Justice Department and other federal agencies attempt but fail to criminalize Trump under false pretenses with the “collusion with Russia” charges. This attempt to incriminate him continued even after he lost his seat to Biden in 2020, with the Democrat-led House unleashing the choreographed sitcom-like January 6th hearings to further attack him, with tens of millions of his supporters supporting him.

Recently we viewed with astonishment, the raid on Trump’s Florida residence in order to, what we feel, “fish” for incriminating evidence of one sort or another. Together, the FBI and Justice Department seem to have colluded with the Democrat Party to destroy the Trump image once and for all. Dangerous behavior by what we have been led to believe for years, were independent federal agencies whom we believed were separate from the taint of politics and politicians. That appears to be lost for the time being. But some consider these agencies now ripe for retaliation.

And it was not short in coming. Last week there was an attempted attack on an FBI field unit in Cincinnati. An armed man attempted to breach the building but was killed in an eventual six-hour standoff with authorities. At the time of this writing, we must take note, happily, that there have been no further attempts to harm FBI or Justice Department officials or their ordinary employees. But other such actions directed at Trump or one of his former associates might trigger dangerous actions by those on the political edge.

Democrats have their hearts set on any sort or level of criminal prosecution of Trump in order to keep him of the ballot in 2024. They are playing with fire. We’ve seen how the House, run by Nancy Pelosi, has handled the 1/6 hearings. We see how President Biden limited his selection of a Supreme Court Justice to a black woman. We see how progressive educators wish to indoctrinate young school kids with the theology that exemplifies the virtues of the gay, lesbian and openly sex lifestyles.

Millions of American Moms and Dads don’t agree to the government’s interference in what they consider to be values taught in the home by parents. And just this week Democrats passed a mind boggling nearly trillion $ measure calling for hiring an additional 84,000 armed to the teeth, battle trained additional IRS agents. For what? Ordinary citizens see this measure as an attack on them, to drain their pockets and their futures.

We shudder when we hear Americans label the current administration as “Gestapo-like.” All of us fear the total control of one party that may lead to dictatorship. We’ve seen it in history and we’re fearful that others may take up arms and violence to stem what they feel is a move to fascism and their enslavement. We call on the current administration to come to the realization that this country has for centuries enjoyed the leadership of both left and right, working together for the common good.

Our call to President Biden and his advisors is to avoid stirring the pot of conservative resentment at the government’s actions to arbitrarily and capriciously control the lives of our citizens. Federal agencies should no longer focus on criminalizing their political opposition. We don’t need and are not ready for a civil war.

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