Five New Yorkers Among Wounded in Jerusalem Terror Attack on Bus   - The Jewish Voice
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Five New Yorkers Among Wounded in Jerusalem Terror Attack on Bus  

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By: Hellen Zaboulani

A Palestinian terrorist attack in Jerusalem left several New York City residents with gunshot wounds.

As reported by the NY Post, the terror attack on Sunday put a Brooklyn father and a pregnant NYC woman in the hospital. Shia Hersch Glick of Williamsburg, “was shot in the neck while shielding his wife and kids,” said Sen. Chuck Schumer at an unrelated press conference in NYC.  Glick, who was described as a “cancer survivor beloved by all in the community”, is said to be in critical condition on a respirator but is expected to survive, Schumer said. Glick’s son also suffered less critical injuries, being shot in the right arm, as per local Israeli hospital officials.

Another NYC resident, a pregnant woman who was not identified by name, also was caught in the gunfire.  The 35-year-old mom-to-be was shot in the abdomen and was rushed to the hospital for an emergency C-section, Dr. Alon Schwartz of Shaarei Tzedek Medical Center told i24 News.  “The baby is intubated in the neo-natal intensive-care unit — ventilated and intubated and in serious condition, also,” Schwartz said.

A fifth American, Menachem Palace, 22, from Brooklyn was also shot in the attack, being counted among the total eight people shot, the Times of Israel reported.  The group was reportedly on a bus heading to David’s Tomb, a religious site considered the holiest site for Jews to pray at.  “I looked to my right, next to the window I was sitting next to, and I saw that it was completely smashed. I quickly ducked down and saw blood on my shoulder,” Palace said.  “From all the adrenaline, I didn’t notice that a bullet went into my shoulder.”

Two Israeli brothers identified by news media as Elazar, 19, and Dovi, 16, were among the gunshot victims, as well, and are thankfully expected to survive. The siblings found each other at the hospital hours later, as per local reports. “My two brothers were together last night, waiting for the bus,” their older brother Yair told Channel 13, as per Times of Israel.  “Elazar helped a woman get on the bus, and my 16-and-a-half-year-old brother Dovi was still at the bus stop when the shooting started,” Yair said.

In, all there were eight injured in the attack on the parked bus. Police identified Palestinian Amir Sidawi as the perpetrator of the terror attack.  Sidawi, a 26-year-old East Jerusalem resident, reportedly took a cab to the capital’s Moriya police station later on Sunday and turned himself in to the Israeli police. He brought the gun he used to carry out the attack and a knife with him, police said.  There was a massive ongoing search for him, and he only turned himself in after hours of hiding.  He was handed over to Shin Bet security service for questioning. Investigators hoped to discover where he got the gun from and which, if any, terrorist group he is affiliated with.

“Strongly condemn the terrorist attack outside the Old City of Jerusalem. I am praying for a quick recovery for all of the innocent victims,” tweeted U.S. Ambassador to Israel Tom Nides.

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