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Disney Theme Parks Hike Prices for Admission, Merch & Food – Visitors Angered

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Disney Theme Parks Hike Prices for Admission, Merch & Food – Visitors Angered

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Taking the kids to Disney World in Orlando, Florida used to be a preferred destination for a summer vacation, however, Disney has had some bad “ink” in recent days over its “woke, progressive” political ideology and its shift towards promoting homosexuality and transgenderism in its characters. As a place that was ostensibly created with children in mind, such radical departures have raised a few eyebrows whiling roiling concerned parents.

If that were not bad enough, it seems like Disney is promoting capitalism; especially the kind in which they and they alone rake in the big bucks from people who struggled all year to save up for the trip to the “Happiest Place on Earth.”

The New York Post reported that the price of admission tickets to both Disney World in Florida and Disneyland in Anaheim, California skyrocketed more than 3,871% since it opened its doors a half century ago. According to figures gathered by a firm that tracks data, the rise in prices for tickets to Disney dwarfs increases in visitors’ wages, as well as the cost of rent and gas, as was reported by the Post.

Due to the outbreak of the dreaded coronavirus in early 2020, Disney, like others of its ilk closed its theme parks to visitors. Now that many feel that the nation has turned the corner on the virus, Disney has once again reopened as they welcome visitors back to their parks. The only wrinkle here is that in order to make up for the colossal financial losses they sustained throughout the course of Covid and the shuttering of its parks. Disney has substantially hiked its prices for everything from admission tickets, to merchandise in their gift shops to the food they offer at their restaurants and concessions, according to the Post.

The paper also reported that an animated chart released by the UK-based consulting firm “shows ticket prices at the theme park steadily soaring since 1971, ratcheting higher through various financial disasters from the 1973 oil crisis to the 2008 financial crisis, ending with the pandemic.”

The data concerning price increases at Disney was posted in a video that went viral on TikTok, and according to the Post report, those presenting the data for public consumption was Pie Chart Pirate, an account operated by SJ Data Visualizations.

The Post reported that the data indicates that by comparison, wages as well as the cost of rent and gasoline have all risen by percentages well below 1,000% during the same timeframe.

Disney fans commented on the video, with one adding: “Isn’t late stage capitalism magical.” Another wrote: “I remember going to Disney for spring break in 1989. My FL resident ticket was $19,” as was reported by the Post.

Disney afficionados have definitely taken note of the whopping price increases at the parks. The Post reported that in October of 2021, Disney announced that prices for tickets at the California theme parks such as Disneyland and Disneyland California Adventure in Anaheim would see an increase of 6.5% to $164 for a single day ticket to one park, and that there would be a 9% rise in tickets for a two day park hopper pass, making it $319

As to the hawking of Disney merch, gift shops and concessions at the theme parks would also see a substantial price increase. At the Orlando based Disney World, the Disney blog known as Walt Disney World News Today said that there would be price hikes ranging from $5 to $15, as was reported by the Post.

For example, if one wants to purchase the recently releases Miss Piggy backpack, it will set you back $95 whereas last year it sold for $80.

The Post also reported that a simple pair of Mickey Mouse ear headbands shot up $10 in price to $39.99, while a Monsters Inc. water bottle is up $5 to $29.99.

And it doesn’t stop there. If you want food or a snack at Disney, that too will cost a pretty penny. The Post reported that the Disney fan blog, called Inside the Magic said that the price for Mickey’s premium ice cream sandwich and chocolate-coated premium bar rose from $5.69 to $5.99.

At Disney World restaurant Ale & Compass, New England Seafood Pot Pie rose $3 to $28, while Brick’ Lemon-Herb Half Chicken increased $2 to $24, as was reported by the Post. The worst part of parting with one’s money for food at Disney is that visitors are saying that its quality has diminished substantially. On Reddit, Disney visitors are calling the meals both skimpy and overpriced and that they taste like  “disgusting slop” and “prison food,” as was reported by the Post.

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