Brooklyn man arrested for death threats against ‘Jewish meet up’ - The Jewish Voice
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Brooklyn man arrested for death threats against ‘Jewish meet up’

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(A7) A Brooklyn man was taken into custody by police after making death threats against an upstate New York fruit festival, including ranting that he was planning to go there “to shoot up…the Jewish meet up.”

William Swift was arrested Tuesday and charged in Brooklyn federal court with menacing the organizers and attendees of the Woodstock Fruit Festival through emails and audio recordings starting in February, the New York Post reported.

The violent rants included threatening to commit a mass shooting, stabbing those connected to the festival, and that he would “do a f***ing Ted Bundy” to an unidentified woman, according to federal prosecutors.

“The ideal thing would be to go up to Woodstock to shoot up…the Jewish meet up. That would be ideal,” federal prosecutors alleged the man said.

According to prosecutors, the suspect said on a recording, referring to the woman, “I’m sorry to say this but I can’t stop fantasizing about doing very, very, very bad things to you, I don’t have a plan I just fantasize about doing very, very bad things to you.”

He threatened that he would do kill the woman unless she closed down the festival, they added.

The Woodstock Fruit Festival (WFF) is a yearly wellness event in Diamond Point, New York. It describes itself as a “celebration of health, fruit-based diet and personal growth” that is “the world’s largest, all-inclusive, raw vegan health retreat.”

In May, the man allegedly told someone associated with the event that he would injure him if he ever saw him in New York City.

“[H]ey piece of s*** b****, I want to make something clear, WFF is over. [John Doe-1’s] retreats are over whether you like it or not. [I]f I see you, you will regret coming to NYC, and you will feel my pain,” he wrote in an email, according to the complaint filed by federal prosecutors on Tuesday.

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