DeBlasio Clings to Universal Pre-K to Cement NYC Legacy; Political Career Dims - The Jewish Voice
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DeBlasio Clings to Universal Pre-K to Cement NYC Legacy; Political Career Dims

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By:  Jared Evan

Former New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is publicly defending his move to make pre-kindergarten universal for children after current Mayor Eric Adams called it a “pet project”.

Bernadette Hogan and Bruce Golden reported for The New York Post that, “During an exclusive interview conducted as Adams rode the subways overnight for more than three hours last week, the former NYPD transit cop said he was astounded by the botched “deployment of resources” that has New Yorkers on edge amid a nearly 40 percent surge in major crimes this year.”

Adams also blasted former mayors for focusing on a single “pet project” to try to build a “legacy,” ticking off a list that included “pre-K” in an obvious shot at his immediate predecessor, Bill de Blasio.

De Blasio, who often touts the initiative as a centerpiece of his tenure, claimed he wasn’t familiar with the mayor’s remarks before rattling off several accomplishments in his “very progressive agenda” writes Sam Raskin of The New York Post.

His recent announcement of his plans to run for congress is part of the reason he is coming out swinging against Adams, whose he has previously shown nothing but support for. His run for Congress was announced in May. De Blasio would represent a newly drawn district covering an area of Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn.

“Adams approval rating may be sagging, mostly due to the media attacking the man nonstop and blaming him for the crime surge, whereas for 8 years, the media, with the exception of the NY Post, buried the dozens of De Blasio scandals, as the administration had a “mafia like grip” on local media.  it was almost like local media was afraid to report on the man. It took 7 years for the city to realize what a sociopathic maniac he is “, a local activist who wished to remain anonymous told TJV.

De Blasio at this point is a long shot to win, the “woke” friendly district.

“Well, I didn’t hear anything specific, but I’ll tell you, it’s pre-K and 3k. And in September, 3k is going to be universal and free for every student in New York City in perpetuity,” de Blasio told host David Brand, a reporter at City Limits, in an interview aired Sunday.

“Look, I presented a very progressive agenda in 2013,” the former mayor continued. “I said we’re gonna do transformative things to help working people and to fight income inequality”, the delusional politician said

“We added two additional grades to public education for free. I don’t know what’s more profound than that, so I’ll talk about it all day long”, the ex-mayor stated

“ De Blasio thinks his legacy is Universal Pre K, but the average New Yorker will remember the man, for stuffing his face on local TV eating French fries, in an effort to beg people to take the vaccine, then banning everyone from public life who didn’t get the COVID vaccine, even little children, and who can forget the clown painting BLM on the sidewalk, as a solution to calming the George Floyd protests,  this man is one of the most despised ever in the city, Giuliani is popular compared to De Blasio, and Rudy was hated by the end of his second term”, a  local Republican activist told TJV.


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