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Suspect Arrested Near Kavanaugh House Charged With Attempted Murder, Weeks After White House Encouraged Protests

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“A California man carrying at least one weapon near Brett M. Kavanaugh’s Maryland home has been taken into custody by police after telling officers he wanted to kill the Supreme Court justice,” reports the far-left Washington Post.

26-year-old Nicholas John Roske of California has been charged with attempted murder for threatening to kill Justice Brett Kavanaugh, over the Supreme Court’s leaked opinion which would overturn the right to kill unborn babies.

Two people familiar with the investigation,” continues the Post, “said the initial evidence indicates the man was angry about the leaked draft of an opinion by the Supreme Court signaling that the court is preparing to overturn Roe. v. Wade[.]”

He was also angry about the “recent spate [of] mass shootings,”—so, according to police, he grabbed a gun to go out and shoot a Supreme Court justice.

The suspect not only had a gun, he also had burglar tools.

Fox News reported:

26-year-old Nicholas John Roske of California , told police he was upset by a leaked draft opinion suggesting the Supreme Court is about to overrule Roe v. Wade, the landmark abortion case. He also said he was upset over the school massacre in Uvalde, Texas, and believed Kavanaugh would vote to loosen gun control laws, the affidavit said.

When he got out of the taxi, Roske was spotted by two U.S. Marshals who are part of round-the-clock security provided to the justices following the leak of the draft opinion last month. But Roske was only apprehended after he called 911 in Montgomery County, Maryland, and said he was having suicidal thoughts and planned to kill Kavanaugh, having found the justice’s address online. Roske was still on the phone when Montgomery County police arrived on the scene, according to the affidavit. –Fox News

This incident is not surprising considering the White House green-lighted protests at Supreme Court Jusstice’s homes in Mid May

Breitbart reported on  May 10th

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Tuesday that the Biden administration encourages “peaceful” protests outside the homes of Supreme Court justices, despite the fact that such protests aim to intimidate the judiciary and appear to be illegal.

Psaki was asked about impending protests but declined to condemn or criticize them. On Monday, she issued a tweet denouncing violence but did not specifically mention the protests outside the homes of Supreme Court justices.

Zero Hedge pointed out:

In the wake of this morning’s arrest of a gunman near Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s house, the White House is doing serious damage control after people began pointing out that former White House spox Jen Psaki encouraged people to protest outside the homes of USSC Justices.

She never encouraged people to protest outside justices’ homes,” tweeted Deputy White House Press Secretary Andrew Bates in response to former Trump Spox Kayleigh McEnany- who then provided a transcript in which he highlights Psaki saying “protests have been peaceful to date.”

In the very next line, however, Psaki says “and we certainly continue to encourage that – outside of judges’ homes.”

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