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Sky Cruise: The Luxury Ship that Will Take to the Skies in the Future 

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Sky Cruise: The Luxury Ship that Will Take to the Skies in the Future 

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For over a decade or more now, we’ve all heard and read about the incredible possibilities that artificial intelligence provides to the world in which we inhabit as well as our personal lives.

Often, we are told to “think outside the box” in terms of futuristic ventures. So, fasten your seatbelts for this one, but we can assure you, it won’t be a bumpy ride, to quote the great “Miss Margo Channing” in the iconic 1950 film “All About Eve.”

It was recently reported that German-Yemeni scientist and filmmaker Hashem Al-Ghaili designed what promises to be “Sky Cruise”, the cruise of the skies which would allow for 5000 people to be transported on a unique aircraft each way with a panoply of luxuries and amenities including swimming pools, gyms, restaurants, playgrounds, hotel, medical center, cinemas, theaters and shopping centers, to name a few.

According to a report on the web site, the cruise represents an entire city in the air that are maintained for the purposes of air travel by 20 nuclear propulsion engines, which will have to be reached by plane, as it is designed to never have to land once in the air. reported that Al Ghaili designed the “Sky Cruise” from an illustration by Tony Holmsten for the video game ‘Killer is Dead’, whom he paid to become the owner of the idea. Al Ghaili was originally inspired by a 3D model of the Russian designer Alexander Tujikov when creating Sky Cruise. reported that Al Ghaili purchased the rights to the model created by Tujikov and decided to develop a futuristic concept of a sky hotel on its basis.

While it is considered a revolutionary project, reported that the concept has its share of detractors. Those casting doubt on the luxurious air ride have serious questions concerning its viability due to aerodynamic and maintenance issues. Critics have wondered how such a massive aircraft can take off from the ground. Other naysayers have questioned the economic viability of such a project as the costs involved might be quite prohibitive to the average traveler. The price tag on the Sky Cruise might very well be way above what is affordable and may only be within the reach of affluent passengers. reported that the Sky Cruise was inspired by the iconic vessel, the Titanic and was created by a cadre of forward-thinking entrepreneurs.

The craft is essentially a gigantic hybrid; an amalgam of an airplane and a cruise ship. What makes it different is that it is aerial and moves with nuclear propulsion, according to the report on

The report also indicated that Al-Ghaili was inspired by a 3D model of the Russian designer Alexander Tujikov.

The Sky Cruise is not only self-sufficient, but its flight is endless, as the reactor provides enough energy to fly for years. also reported that we should not wait with bated breath for the Sky Cruise to become a reality any time in the near future, however, it is on the road to development and could be part of our travel plans in the decades to come. The report also observed that it is exciting to know that such a unique form of travel and entertainment is not limited to a science fiction novel or film or even locked away in our imaginations.


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