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Ruthy Levaiev-Yelizarov: The businesswoman who is dedicated to promoting Jewish purity

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It was a pleasure to host Ruthy Levaiev-Yelizarov, daughter of millionaire and philanthropist Lev Leviev.

Even though she carries a heavy family name, Ruthy has made herself known for very good and important projects, even though she continues being involved in her father’s business.

Ruthy has started a great organization for Jewish women by Jewish women, called “She asani isha”, which in Hebrew its name recalls a very famous blessing we say every morning in our daily prayers but with a twist to it that makes it very original.

For the inauguration of this project, it seemed like Israel turned pink, with a massive force of advertisement and huge pink banners draping down from buildings and walls in all main cities of Israel with only 3 words: “It’s your time”, dedicated to all Jewish women to attract and invite them to be curious and follow the organization through their website.

Ruthy and her partner in this project Bracha Shilat, have gone all out for this organization they founded together hoping to bring as many women as possible to start keeping the laws of nidah “women’s purity”. The period of niddah is a time, usually lasting twelve days to fourteen days, when Jewish law forbids conjugal relations. Niddah begins with the onset of menstruation and is completed with the woman’s immersion in a mikvah, a ritual pool of water.

The niddah period and the mikvah immersion have recently seen a renaissance of observance in the Jewish community. Many couples have discovered that the cycle of closeness and distance built into this mitzvah keeps their relationship fresh and exciting. Others say it adds a spiritual, divine dimension to their relationship.

Leave it up to Ruthy, it seems to me from our conversation, that if she undertakes a project, she goes all the way!

Ruthy is also a marriage and relationship counselor and has her own studio where she receives couples for therapy sessions. No time for shopping seems like! Ruthy is also a mother of 7 children and lives in the Savion area in Israel.

Don’t miss this great conversation I had with her.

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