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Friday, August 19, 2022

Progressives Have Pummeled Our Defenses to Nil

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Our United States entered onto the world’s stage as a military super-power a little over one hundred years ago, after its late entry into WWII, by pulling the Allies out of a certain defeat by the team led by Germany, Turkey (Ottoman Empire) and Austria-Hungary. Then again, in a repeat performance, in WWII we liberated Europe and Asia from the Axis Powers of Germany and Japan. What followed was the attempt by Soviet Russia to dominate Western Europe, and once more we jumped in economically and using our military might as a threat, we kept Europe and perhaps the rest of the world out of Communism’s hands. Since then, we’ve used our powers to keep things around the world on a steady keel. Our economy was always stimulating growth and prosperity for us and our military was always kept up to date, mobile and ready to confront the dangers to world liberty. But, since the inauguration of Joe Biden to the presidency, we’ve seen the rapid eroding of our strengths on the commercial and military stage. We’re headed to Third-Worldism…and fast.

We are now confronted by a mounting list of enemies who are licking their lips to challenge us economically and militarily. They smell weakness, a lack of self-confidence and most of all see a leaderless nation that seems to be chasing its tail and just running in circles with apparently no sense of urgency as to our national security. They chuckle as Biden reads prepared sermons to the nation dealing with gun control, abortion, concocted theories about multi-genderism and the menace to us all by an invisible “Trump-led insurgency,” ignoring totally, the threats to our nation from those who state their obvious goals; to destroy the freedoms that we have become accustomed to for so long. The nations of China, Russia, Iran, North Korea and even tiny Cuba and its ward, Venezuela, watch our every step, closely, even monitoring from within our borders by their informants and self-hating American traitors.

They see a hapless nation divided, split on issues that are kept burning by the kindling heaped on the flames by our elected leaders who seem to have little awareness of the threats from abroad. Many of them actually profiting from business dealings with our enemies in broad daylight. Who sold our uranium deposits to Russia? Who now begs Iran to supply us with petroleum? Whose family has been on the Chinese payroll for years?

Our military, this nation’s first line of defense once the world’s mightiest is rusting away. Our ignominious defeat at the hands of sandaled, primitive warriors in Afghanistan, gifting them with $84 billion worth of the latest weaponry together with abandoning to their mercies, an unknown number of American citizens, still unheard from nor seemingly cared about. Could these materials of war have helped the Ukrainians who were already being threatened by Putin at that time? And what is the message to the world of our military capabilities, strength and obvious cowardice by leaving Americans as hapless hostages to our enemies? Weakness.

When Obama entered the White House in 2012 our armed forces were the envy of the world; in quality and superiority and its personnel the most trained and loyal with sky-high morale. He started the ball rolling downhill and now we cannot even muster a two-ocean navy and our enlistment rate keeps falling, leading to reduced qualifications for new recruits. A danger to us all. The politically correct but stupid decision by our military to place women in combat situations has reduced the effectiveness of our battle forces. Although much of our citizenry refuses to admit the weakening of our capabilities, our foes are aware of our deficiencies and frailties within our armed forces. And they are gearing up to jump. Ready or not, here they come!!!

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