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Thursday, August 18, 2022

Letters to the Editor

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Will Biden Beg the Saudis for Oil??

Dear Editor,

Your recent editorial regarding Biden’s trip to the Middle East was right on the money. He’s going there to beg the Saudis for oil, slap the Palestinians on the back in a good will gesture and slap Israelis in the face, condemning them for standing up for the defense of their country. Biden, being an out and out America hater does not understand patriotism and love of one’s country. He sees the Israelis through the eyes of a Jew hater, which he is. After all, for eight years he served as VP to Barack Obama, a 20+ year member of Rev. Wright’s United Trinity Church of Christ in Chicago, a hotbed of Jew hating of the worst sort. It was Obama himself, back in 2006, who gave Louis Farrakhan, his church’s Man of the Century Award.

All of Biden’s appointees, having to do with foreign relations are outright Jew haters. He is controlled by The Squad, led by Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, both Muslims who follow the dictates of Jew hating found in the Koran. In short, this trip will be a disaster for American-Israeli relations for years to come an it may even result in an Iranian-Israel war. Sad, that our own Jews supported the likes of Biden and Obama.

Richard Oppenhem, MD
Boca Raton, FL


Finally Some Common Sense

Dear Editor:

All New York Citizens who vote should be celebrating the overturning of Local Law 11.  It was passed last January by the New York City Counsel.  This illegal move was granting voting rights in Municipal elections to NON citizens. People with Green Cards who will most likely never apply for citizenship.  They would have been allowed to vote in  all local elections including Mayor.  The Republican Party challenged this in court and a very smart State Supreme Court Judge found this new law to violate the New York State Constitution.  Thank you Judge Rorzio.  This law was voted on so the Democrats could make sure they secure as many votes as possible even from NON citizens.

I am not against Immigrants coming to America legally, obtaining green cards, working, paying taxes and eventually, when all rules are followed, apply to be a citizen of the United States. We are a country of laws, we have rules in place and nobody should ever be able to re write the law to suit their political ambitions and by pass established law.  This why Biden opened the borders, to try and get as many illegals in here and then pass a new rule that they could vote in elections.  Don’t be surprised if that isn’t their next move.  Only desperate power grabbing Progressive Socialists would try and re write our Constitution and change voting rules to suit their ambitions.  When you go to vote in the Primary tomorrow, remember that the right to participate in the democratic process is a hard fought privilege and should be honored. And, by the way, it is for legal citizens only.

Joy Green
 Marine Park Brooklyn


Kudos to the Supreme Court

Dear Editor:

Kudos to the Supreme Court in their momentous decision to revoke Roe vs.Wade.  They rightfully left it o the states to rule on this situation. Just as states have the right to determine voting, driving, drinking ages and other rules for their citizens, the abortion issue must be decided by the elected representatives of each and every state. One law should not be the rule for the entire country.

I’m shocked at the response of the radical Left who has resorted to their usual antics of violence to express themselves. The torching of and disfiguring of pregnancy centers and the promise of more menacing threats to harm those opposed to abortion, is horrendous and un-American. When will the first fatality in this war for the right to terminate life take place? When will Antifa and the thugs of BLM take to the streets to menace those who are opposed to their ideology? Why don’t the leaders of the Democrat Party calm their robot-like followers down? If a woman wants an abortion an her state has restrictions on the process, let her travel to NY or California for the process and then let her learn of birth control methods and devices for the future.

Andrea Goldstein
Brooklyn, NY


Real Humanitarian Causes

Dear Editor:

If you are looking for true victims and “causes” to support, you need look no farther than the pathetic underfunding of Children’s Protective Services whose case workers are grossly overloaded which results in children being abused on a daily basis.

If you are in search of a “cause” try rallying for reinstating preventive services in schools, for counseling available for children of all ages, fully funded and staffed. When I was a Social Worker, a troubled child would be sent to me for assessment and counseling. I would make home visits to work with families, to see first-hand how a child’s home might be impacting their lives.

I worked in tandem with teachers to help a student feel more included and accepted by peers, often by asking teachers to give a student special tasks which helped them to excel and be on the receiving end of praise for accomplishments. When cutbacks were made decades ago, Social Workers were among the first to be cut out of school budgets.

Perhaps instead of lending your young voices to falsely malign Israel, to adopt the false victim stance by Arabs who reject every offer for peace, how about adopting a for-real “cause” to help you feel purposeful, to make a truly meaningful difference in our insane world.

Ginette Weiner
Scottsdale, AZ


Roe v Wade Must Be Upheld

Dear Editor:

I’m outraged that the Supreme Court has outlawed abortions to American women by overturning Roe vs. Wade. How many thousands of women must now become mothers of unwanted children because of this ruling? Those women, victims of rape and incest now have no where to go for help in these situations. Back to the days of backdoor doctors, coat hangers and self-medications to abort fetuses. My call is to have a repeal of these justices by legal means. The Democrat Party must take the lead by bringing legal actions against this horrid ruling. The voices of President Biden, Kamala Harris and all concerned legislators must be loud and clear. We will not stand for this anti-woman group of non-elected thuggish judges to stand. We women and those concerned, sophisticated men must take to the streets to show our strength of purpose in this matter.

Hilda Warschauer
Hartford, Conn.

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