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Friday, August 19, 2022

Letters to the Editor

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Former Teachers Slam the UFT

Dear Editor:

Miracles do happen and your paper created one in your May 20th, edition. A letter writer wrote, “UFT is Corrupt, Communist Union.” Stranger than fiction, that person and I were both neophyte teachers at the same time, working side by side in a Queens junior high school. It’s a miracle that we’re both still alive and kicking, and to prove the point, I contacted him and we both met over lunch last week. Thanks! But more on the issue of the union.

Things have truly changed since the beginning of the union under Al Shanker. It is now controlled by Socialist-Marxist-Radical, Randi Weingarten, who cares as much for the education of our kids, as I do for the PLO. She’s only concerned with her power to indoctrinate the next few generations to repudiate religion, family and democracy. Her goal, along with other Left Wing radical leaders is to demolish what this country stands for.

The Judeo/Christian values our country was founded on and which have made us the envy of the world since its inception, to these revolutionaries, must be brought down. She has offered no solution to the horrid testing results that indicate our kids are not learning the basics. Right here in NYC, only 32% of our high school “graduates” are prepared for college. There are no longer any vocational training schools to offer non-academic students the opportunity to learn a trade or productive skill.

We are punching out a future generation of “takers,” those only qualified to either work at menial, easily replaceable jobs or feed off the public trough. We’re at an emergency level in education and no one is ringing the bell. The nation is now paying for this failure, big time. And the future doesn’t look any brighter. But to end abruptly on a positive note, thanks for bringing my old buddy and me back together again.

Arnold Hochbrot


Jan 6th Hearings Are a Scam

Dear Editor,

The upcoming Congressional Jan 6th hearings are a sham. They are nothing more than a political game to stop Trump from running in 2024. They’ve gone so far, the Dems, that is, to bring in a former TV director to choreograph the hearings. Adam Schiff, Jamie Raskin and Jerrold Nadler are an embarrassment to me a Jew. They have stripped away the rights of the witnesses who face jail time for refusing to testify. It will be interesting to hear the testimony of General Mille, who is beholden to the Biden administration, yet he has served admirably through the years in service to this country. When will the Dems in power seek out those who ripped out country apart in the 2020 riots. But, of course they won’t, the rioters were black. I will be watching and cringing at the same time.

Bernie Shaw
Ft. Lauderdale, FL.


Loves Readers’ Opinions

Dear Editor,

Your Letters to the Editor section of your paper is a gem, the first page I turn to when I finally get your paper in the mail and I do mean “finally.” Why so late all the time? Your letters are varied in nature, interesting and sometimes challenging to my own opinions. But that means they motivate me to think. And I did some of that after reading, “More on the Biden Crime Family,” letter in a recent edition. The writer brought up issues I really didn’t know about that clan. He opened my eyes to the concerns to this nation that the Hunter Biden Laptop Story holds. Just what does it have in its contents that would criminalize our president? I now think the word, “scary.”  I was formerly a devoted Democrat until Biden ran in 2020. I had my doubts about his senility, thinking processes but never questioned his family’s background….until reading that letter to your publication. I’m a solid NYT fan. Nothing ever mentioned in that publication about Hunter caught my eye, nor was ever written about. I stopped my subscription to them and now scan your paper from beginning to end.

Thanks to your letters section and keep up the good work.

Ronald Leventhal
Syosset, NY


We Still Don’t Get It 

Dear Editor:

The Jewish Voice wisely printed Jonathan S. Tobin’s “Who’s to Blame for Young American & Democrat Coolness Towards Israel?  He says, “what Israel needs is a more aggressive information policy grounded in arguments for Jewish rights and the truth about the nature of its opponents, not anodyne sentiments about a desire for peace or even attempts to distract the public from the conflict by talking about Israel’s beauty or the value of its high-tech industry…the toxic theories of the left are a permission slip for anti-Semitism and not advocacy for human rights. Any other approach will only ensure that the troubling trends among young people and Democrats will continue to get worse.”

Israel is failing itself, and the Diaspora by refusing to establish and fully fund its own Public Relations Agency. In my Blog, “Israel Gets an F” I wrote, “The totality of the failure of collective American Jewish organizations to get even basic facts about Israel printed by mainstream media, or disseminated on campuses, or to the average American, is astounding.  I can’t think of a better time to revisit words of wisdom attributed to Albert Einstein, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”  This has nothing to do with Israel’s policies. This is about refuting inaccurate smears, biased, sloppy “reporting”, re-writing and erasing us from our history, and demonizing Zionists, Jews and Israel into the subhuman.  We need to expose the open, virulent Jew hate speech of the ‘Palestinian’ Arabs, and the Islamic Jihad of Hamas, funded by the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Mainstream media, the left and universities love affairs with these Arabs who spew hate speech will be harder to justify when exposed. American Jewish organizations have shown themselves, with very few exceptions, to be useless by their reactive vs. pro-active, defensive, apologetic posturing which mainstream media continues to ignore. Israel should know by now, the more you bend over, the harder you get kicked, the more you offer peace, the more resistance you get, until you yourself are…no more. It’s beyond time for us to demand Israel do what it should and needs to be doing before it really is too late.

Ginette Weiner
Scottsdale, AZ

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