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Friday, August 19, 2022

Letters to the Editor

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Biden’s Asia Trip

Dear Editor,

We all know that Biden is in Korea now, but does he? Does he have the big bunny rabbit to tell him? I’m afraid he will go off the deep end on international TV and blow the lid off his mental problems with a mis-statement that could have earth shattering ramifications. He’s obviously challenged to the point of his handlers keeping him as far away from an open press conference as possible. Will the friendly leaders he meets on this current trip run interference for him by covering for him at conferences? Of course, our enemies are well briefed on his problems and will take advantage of them when they see fit to do so. Right now, he’s covered by those who need his help and the benefits he bestows on them. It’s when he meets with our adversaries that will be painful to anticipate and watch.

Stllella Schermer
Bayside, Queens


Stopped Supporting Holocaust Museums

Dear Editor:

I stopped supporting any Holocaust Museum which broke my heart to have to do so. You have lost your way into the far left, hard core political moral abyss. Try speaking out for Jews and Israel. Begin identifying the far left Jew and Israel hate on every campus in America. Speak up for American Jews who cannot even walk out of their homes with a sign they are Jewish. If you are banning DeSantis and becoming political, then start condemning the Squad’s and left’s increasing attacks in the media, as evidenced by Camera.org. Speak out against the NY Times relentless obsession with bashing Israel.

Speak up about the antisemitic slurs and violence against Jews in their “pro Palestinian” protests. Condemn the Squad’s support for genocide by calling for withdrawal of funds for the Iron Dome which defends Israel from the genocidal threats of these Arabs whom you fail to condemn for their refusals of peace offers, time and time again and whose own hate speech, as evidenced on Palestinian Media Watch, fails to get your attention for fear of being labeled a bigot. Outing Jew hate speech is NOT hate speech. It is identifying hate speech.

This storm of Jew hate is coming from the left, the far left, from the far right, and from Islam. I am a registered Independent, former Democrat. We used to be able to smell the stench of Jew hate. Maybe take off your masks and see if you can do some research on where it’s coming from today. It’s not coming from DeSantis. Read my essay and Blogs, as printed in The Times of Israel  below. These are examples of what you should be doing if you are now becoming a fighter against the Jew hate. And if you choose not to be loudly condemning the sources of the Jew hate today, then what good are you regarding our future as Jews????!!!

I am also asking others to stop giving you a dime until you do some mea culpa and some soul searching. If you wanna take sides, you are on the losing one in this cancel culture you cave into.

Ginette Weiner
A loud and proud Jew
Scottsdale, AZ


What is Happening Out There??

Dear Editor:

As a licensed driver in New York City for over 50 years without an accident, or a moving violation I can attest to this, something is amiss.   There is something very wrong with the majority of drivers in this city now.  They completely ignore the speed limits even in school zones.  They do not yield to any pedestrians in the crosswalks.  So many people have been mowed down and killed recently trying to simply cross the street.  They weave in and out, they go right through stop signs and many times buzz right through a solid red traffic light.

When I stop to let an elderly person with a cane cross the street or a Mom wheeling her baby in the stroller, the cars in back of me start to honk loudly and many times curse or and give me the finger.

They actually expect me to mow down a person crossing the street because they are in a big hurry.  When the light turns green, before I can step on the gas, I am being honked loudly.  Many times I glance over and notice these same lawless, careless people are looking at their cell phones while driving. Nobody seems to realize a car is like a loaded gun when in the wrong hands.

I think this all started after the Pandemic’s mandates and shutdowns were lifted. People became like  wild animals released from a cage at the zoo.  Another reason for this lack of caring and lawless is our previous Mayor Bill Di Blasio.  He proudly DE-FUNDED the police and took the side of lawless criminals who roamed the streets, setting fires, breaking into stores and cleaning them out.  Robbing, murdering and attacking police was all termed” Peaceful demonstrations”. So the climate of lawless with no repercussions is prevailing.  If violent criminals can be let free, drivers are not the least bit afraid of breaking the law even if it kills someone.  Just what is happening out there?

Michael Angelo
Sheepshead Bay 
Brooklyn, NY 


Angered at Anti-American Jewish “Fat Cats”

Dear Editor:

It’s just been reported that Gabe Kapler, the Jewish manager of the San Francisco Giants, a major league baseball team, has come out with diatribes against the United States of America. Despicable. This guy’s income is generated in San Francisco, a town run by his beloved Progressives, yet it’s filled with homeless, drug, alcohol addicted humans who are dying in their tents on a daily basis.  Do he and his base-running buddies volunteer to remove the loads of feces plopped in the streets by these street dwellers?  And Gabe together with his multi-millionaire players don’t have a negative word to say about those conditions? Do they storm City Hall and demand action to clean up their city? Are they aware that Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi represents them in Congress and she’s ignored the city’s deterioration over her money making years in DC?

Kapler is Jewish. Yet he calls out the nation that stands between Israel and destruction? He doesn’t realize this nation gave a second life to Jews who are currently being persecuted around the world by despots supporting his stance of hating the United States. Screw him, his team and all those who support the destruction of this nation.

Warren Goldman

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