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Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas for 2022

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By:  Mario Mancini

Dad’s work hard a year long and deserve a day to be gifted with a little luxury. Here are some Father’s Day ideas that will be sure to make your special dad or father figure feel spoiled.

Picnics will never be the same if you invest in a Yeti Cooler! Whether you or camping or just want to up your day-trip game, any Yeti item will preserve your food and keep it cool

Until ready to eat. Filled with ice, a Yeti cooler will keep your items cold for DAYS. Here’s a great pick:

When your Dad is ready to relax, nothing beats the super-trendy Theragun Mini for soothing sore muscles. You’ll get out of ever having to give shoulder and back massages again, or at least cut out most of the work, if you get him this!

Going with the theme of relaxation, a weighted blanket is proven to help you go to sleep faster, stay asleep easier, and help ease stress and anxiety. It will also help on those nights when dad is complaining he’s too cold because mom has the A.C. On full blast because of those pesky hot flashes! Get dad his very own cuddly blanket, only the best of the best for him, and he’ll wake up less grouchy!

Casper Weighted blanket. Photo Credit:

Maybe you have a dad who already has everything he could ever want, so get him something that won’t get put away in a closet or returned the next day. A Masterclass gift card will allow him to choose between hundreds of courses where he can learn about anything from gardening to the history of Roman gladiators!

Another thoughtful gift that will make your dad smile, here is a blueprint map of your favorite ski mountain you went to as a family growing up. Let dad know just how thankful you all for all those memories!

Large Ski Resort Blueprints

Maybe you are an original hipster and dad is always complimenting you on the sheets you have in the office/guest room for when mom and dad visit. He complains about everything about the way you live, except those luxury sheets. Get him his own set, sent directly to his house!

Classic Hardcore Sheet Bundle

Most things have gone virtual during the pandemic, even haute cuisine. For the newly single dad, get him the gift that will keep giving back, cooking lessons! He’ll save money by not needing takeout every night, and may lose a few pounds (and impress future dates).

And a gift you can give dad (but will really be for you, once you set it up for him) is the newest Apple TV HD. You’ll have plenty to talk about once he’s able to catch up on the newest seasons of all your favorite shows and movies.

2021 Apple TV HD (32GB, 5th Generation)

Razer Kishi Mobile Game Controller (iOS)

This controller comes recommended by Sam Byford, Asia editor at the Verge, who says, “I really like this design. It solves many of the biggest pain points of mobile game controllers: They can be awkward to carry, attach, detach, and pair with your device. The Kishi’s setup is effortless.”

For TV-loving dads  – Roku Streaming Stick 4K

If your dad is finally getting tired of cable and wants to stream TV shows and movies on Netflix, Hulu, or Disney+, get him a Roku Streaming Stick+. It’s easy to install: Just plug it into the television, connect to the internet, and start watching. And it can handle HD and 4K broadcasts. Plus, he can also use the voice-activated remote to search for shows and control the volume. =ast_sto_dp&ascsubtag=[]st[p]cjhrx99k700cjwjy6wxsfgjsc[i]2bCZbu[u]1[t]w[r][d]D[z]m&tag=thestrategistsite-20

Apple TV 4K (32 GB)

The Apple TV 4K is the perfect streaming solution for dads who are already obsessed with Apple’s other products. He can watch shows on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime Video, along with Apple TV+ for Apple’s own original content. And if he likes to play games on Apple Arcade, the Apple TV lets him do that on a bigger screen.

Apple TV 4K (32 GB). Photo Credit: afid=p239%7 C1141873&cid=aos-us-aff-ir

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