Will New York mayor run for President in 2024? - The Jewish Voice
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Thursday, June 30, 2022

Will New York mayor run for President in 2024?

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(A7) New York mayor Eric Adams is looking into the option of running for President in 2024 if US President Joe Biden doesn’t seek a second term.

According to a report by the New York Post, people close to Adams say that he “thinks the national party has gotten too far to the left and he thinks he has a platform to win.”

A person close to the mayor said to the New York Post that Adams thinks that he has a platform to run for for president in 2024. “He has said that repeatedly”, the source said, “He thinks New York is a national platform”.

The report noted that if Adams runs, he will be continuing a long tradition of New York mayors who have presented themselves as Presidential candidates including Bill de Blasio, Michael Bloomberg and Rudy Giuliani.

Adams denied and said to the Post: “That’s a silly, silly story. I never had a conversation about that and I love being mayor, and you can run the country from New York City. I’m the mayor. That’s all I’m focused on.”

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