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Will Musk’s Twitter Champion Free Speech?

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The most exciting non-toxic, non-sex related news we’ve heard in years was engineered and concocted by one of the most positive thinking, uplifting, energetic, make-things-happen figures of our century, Elon Musk, when he announced his intentions to and then acquired Twitter as his own. The Far Left media immediately went nuts, fearing that this huge agency, a social contact monster, would no longer be able to censor and block conservative viewpoints from reaching the billion account holders and perhaps make them think twice about the evils of Socialism, Marxism and start absorbing the thoughts and ideas of the enemies of these systems of tyranny.

Typical, was NBC pundit, Mehdi Hasan, who lost it when he went on his weekly evening show to rant about Musk being the new owner of Twitter and that Musk would use it as a tool for the “far-right.” Did anyone in the mushy media ever whine about the obvious, leftist leanings of Twitter, Google, Facebook, the NYT or even the NBC network before this occurrence? Fearless Musk, who is conquering space with his Space-X venture responded, to this Nazi inference, telling Hasan to look no further than NBC’s cover-up of the Hunter Biden laptop story, which implicated the entire Biden crime family as influence peddlers and criminals. And, we’ll add, didn’t NBC erase from their news coverage the early allegations against Harvey Weinstein? And throw in, for good added grounds in support of Musk, that NBC’s own former star, Matt Lauer, had a button under his desk to lock his office door and had used it to lock women in that office alone with him? And Musk was going to pollute Twitter once he had acquired it? Who’s calling the kettle black?

We don’t recall any outrage on the part of the organized Left-Leaning media when leftost-radical Jeff Bezos bought the Washington Post in 2013, or when flaming liberal billionaire, Marc Benioff bought Time Magazine in 2018, to name just a few. But when Musk shelled out $43 billion for Twitter, the threat to the Left that free speech might start taking root and encouraging other outlets to follow suit by permitting different thoughts to reach the populace, the you-know-what hit the fan. “Free speech is the bedrock of a functioning democracy, and Twitter is the digital town square where matters vital to the future of humanity are debatad,” Musk said after the deal had been announced.

And apparently, he knows his marbles. In a recent Harris poll, nearly three in five Americans (59%) said that they either somewhat or strongly supported Musk’s ownership of the social media platform. The ever on the move mogul’s bid enjoyed majority support of men ((65 to 53%) over women and Republicans over Democrats ((71 to 53%), and millennials (25 to 40 year olds) more often (65%) compared to older generations. He looks like a winner!

As supporters of free speech, we’re more than happy over Musk’s purchase of Twitter. His move may encourage others with big bucks and a lot of guts to enter the social information network, be it in the print or electronic media. We believe in free speech, dialogue between opposing political sides, with neither having the power to squelch the voice of the other. That was the foundation of this country. No other land had it back in 1776 and we must continue to fight for and even in today’s environment, even be forced to buy such freedom, as Elon Musk did. May G-d bless him for his actions.

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