Unvaccinated NYC Students to Be Banned from Prom; Local Pols Question Decision   - The Jewish Voice
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Unvaccinated NYC Students to Be Banned from Prom; Local Pols Question Decision  

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Unvaccinated NYC Students to Be Banned from Prom; Local Pols Question Decision  

By: Benyamin Davidsons

On Sunday, a group of local politicians wrote an angry letter in response to a final decision to ban unvaccinated students from prom night across NYC public schools.

As reported by the NY Post, a group of five Republican and two Democratic City Council members penned a letter to city Health Commissioner Dr. Ashwin Vasan, asking he explain his decision in advising the school boards.  “It has come to our attention that a final decision by the Department of Education has been made to exclude unvaccinated students from their school proms, and that you and your staff were the proponents of this policy,” the group of council members wrote in the letter.  The group demanded that Dr. Vasan “explain the science behind his decision”, particularly given that other COVID-19 restrictions are being dropped across New York City.

The same students “are permitted to attend school unmasked and unvaccinated,” and unvaccinated persons are now permitted to attend bars and other public venues across the Big Apple. “Since restaurants and catering facilities are no longer required to verify vaccination status, why would an otherwise eligible group of people be barred from entering [a prom] simply because it is organized by a school?” the letter demanded.  “Please, explain to us where the danger lies and how it differentiates from any other group entering a catering facility, or how catering facilities pose a more significant threat to students than their school buildings.”

“Dr Vasan should stand at a podium in his lab coat and explain to us simpletons how catering halls are safe for everyone, school is safe for students, but if students go to a catering hall as part of a school event, they’re in some sort of danger,” Council Minority Leader Joe Borelli (R-Staten Island), who was one of the pols who penned the letter, told the Post.  “I suspect he’ll be an Internet meme by the time he’s done talking.”

“I would like for the health commissioner to come prepared with the science to support his decision that will exclude the same unvaccinated students who share a classroom with vaccinated students from attending their proms, dances, and after school activities,” said City Councilwoman Joan Ariola (R-Queens), who also signed the letter and is a member of the council’s Health Committee.  She added that if they do not receive a response to the letter, she will take the opportunity to grill Dr. Vasan regarding the prom decision at the upcoming budget hearing on May 18th.


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