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Q Train Murderer Turns Himself In, Extensive, Violent Criminal Background Revealed

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By Jared Evan

The vibe on the streets is reminiscent of the late 70s when the Son of Sam was loose on the streets randomly killing people with his 44 Calibur.

Everyone is talking about the Sunday morning murder on one of the safest train lines in the city, the Q train. A dangerous sociopath randomly shot an innocent man, identified as Daniel Enriquez, who was on his way to enjoy brunch on a lovely Sunday afternoon.

In breaking news, the murderous sociopath turned himself in.

The suspect, Andrew Abdullah, arranged his surrender with his Brooklyn-based pastor, who visited the Fifth Precinct and worked out the details, according to ABC News.

Earlier Tuesday morning, police officers descended on his girlfriend’s apartment at 6 a.m., but the suspect was not there.

Details have emerged regarding the suspect’s extensive criminal background. Once more, failed, extreme left “restorative justice” policies have failed New York and endangered the citizens.

Authorities say the 25-year-old Abdullah, who has about 20 prior arrests, was the man seen pacing around the subway car before shooting 48-year-old Daniel Enriquez in the chest, killing him.

Abdullah has prior arrests for assault, robbery, menacing and grand larceny, in addition to three cases that are still pending. Abdullah was convicted of second-degree attempted murder in 2017 as part of an 83-count federal indictment charging members of the Harlem street gangs Fast Money and Nine Block. He served only 3 years for the serious charge of attempted murder.

The miscreant returned to a life of crime after his soft prison sentence for attempted murder. Police say he was arrested on April 22 for allegedly being in possession of a stolen motorcycle, and that while the Brooklyn district attorney asked for $15,000 bail, the judge set a nominal bail of $1, ABC reported.

Evidently, the social justice judges failed the city once more and an innocent man paid with his life, for the miscalculations and bleeding heart mindset of the extreme left’s vision of justice.

As the Q train was finishing its trip across the Manhatten Bridge and heading to Canal street, a deranged sociopath, began pacing back and forth, before shooting the 48-year-old, musician and Goldman Sachs employee, point-blank.

Multiple law enforcement sources identified the suspected Q train shooter as Andrew Abdullah, who has 11 prior arrests and an open gun case in Harlem and is wanted for murder in the Sunday death of Daniel Enriquez.

Police sources say the suspect was seen handing the alleged murder weapon off to a homeless man outside the subway station as he fled. Cops questioned the man, who said he does not know the shooter and was randomly handed the gun.

This random murder had sparked a vibe of paralyzing fear in the city. Mayor Eric Adams has called an emergency meeting with the Big Apple’s top business leaders for Thursday afternoon. The main concern is, the perception that the trains are unsafe.






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