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Friday, July 1, 2022

Letters to the Editor

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Taking the “Naqba” Event to Task

Dear Editor:

For Germany to be funding an antisemitic elimination of Israel group, especially during Holocaust Remembrance Month, is an obscene re-victimization of the 6 million Jewish women, children and men whom the German Nazis butchered.

Does your moral conscience now include helping to fund and repeat yet another genocidal destruction of the tiny Jewish State of Israel, which was built, in part, with surviving Jews, still with the tattoos on their arms from German Nazi death camps??? How many dead Jews are enough for Germany? We have had enough.

Read the facts below and then write back to me and tell me your plan to immediately defund this hateful and misinformed group and a plan of action to also investigate any other NGO’s who are doing the same against my people.


Ginette Weiner
Scottsdale, AZ


Jewish Values Disappearing

Dear Editor:

What has happened to “Jewish values” over the years? As I’m writing this letter, hordes of Jewish groups will be parading, screaming and shouting out their support for abortion and the rights of women to kill their unborn, living, heart beating babies. Led by Hadassah, the ADL, the National Council of Jewish Women, and a bunch of JCRC’s and Federation chapters will be urging the Supreme Court to uphold Roe and keep the baby death factories going. I feel the abortion issue is one that all Jewish value groups should fight as we fought the Nazi ideals of the Aryan Race that they propagated. Aren’t there enough methods of contraception available to any and all women (and don’t forget the men) who are the creators of life?

The Holocaust caused the deaths of six million plus, but abortion has murdered many times that number. Sad, that the victims of both had no say in their slaughter. Shame on Jewish women and the Jewish organizations involved in this killing spree.

Marlene Hochbreit
Bayonne, NJ


Biden’s Visit to Israel is Ill Advised

Dear Editor:

I just got word that President Biden will be visiting Israel and the Palestinian controlled areas in June. He’ll surely be spouting anti-Israel rhetoric prepared for him by the fanatical Jew/Israel hating State Department and his string pullers, Barack Obama, Susan Rice, Valerie Jarrett and J Street. We’ve got to wake up to realize this guy is out to destroy Israel before he is removed from office for his obvious mental disorders.

Jews have got to understand that they have no Jew/Israel defenders among the many Jewish-Democrat legislators in Congress. They are all political whores who follow the party line even though it calls for their own and their families’ destruction. Jews have got to wake up and remove them from their offices this coming November and the traitor senators like Schumer, Blumenthal, Sanders, Feinstein and others when their terms are over. It’s time we showed our Jewish political intelligence, which now is an oxymoron. The early Jewish supporters of Hitler in 1932-3 must have regretted their stupidity when they were marched into the ovens. Too late!

Morris Esses
Brooklyn, NY


Following the Koran & Urging Peace

Dear Editor:

Your letter writer of May 18th, was evidently a Jewish, Trump supporting right winger who feels that Israel should be dominant in the Middle East. I am American/Palestinian, a lifelong Democrat and a proud member of J Street and Americans for Peace Now (APN).  Although I am not Jewish, I am readily accepted by both groups. They are causes that are humanitarian in nature with neither organization having any anti-Israel stance. We just feel that Israel should not use its military power and industrial might to subject Palestinians to the humiliation they suffered at the hands of Israel since 1948.

We see the jets of Israel swooping down, bombing and strafing schools, hospitals and mosques, claiming they are being used as military installations to fire rockets and mortars at Israel. A bunch of lies. We are a tolerant and peaceful people who only want our rightful land back. We follow our Holy Koran that preaches peace. I welcome any response to this letter. I will answer all who have comments or negatives regarding this letter, if printed. My goal is to educate the many who believe my faith and my people are violent and militant. Please respond to this letter.

Thank you kindly,
Mustafa Ibrahim


Championing a Pro-Life Stance

Dear Editor,

Abortion is pure murder of human beings. There is no other way to describe it. Fetus’ and ready to birth babies are literally killed and disposed of in waste bags, like yesterday’s lunch. How can mothers stand up to defend this evil procedure to others, who may opt for this? Aren’t there now enough birth control devices and pills to prevent unwanted pregnancies? And is there anyone who does not know that unprotected sex can lead to conception? Where is the responsibility of both men and women to do the right thing?

Abortion is primarily used for birth control. And in most cases, tax dollars are funding this process. Does public funding repair autos damaged in accidents? Why not? Same excuse for both situations. They’re both unplanned.

It’s time the conservatives took over the nation and removed abortion from the accepted medical practices and relegated this procedure to the ever rare rape and incest situations.

Richard Krane
Manhassett, NY

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