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Thursday, June 30, 2022

Letters to the Editor

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How Bad Has the NYT’s
Coverage of Israel Been?

Dear Editor:

How is it that the NY Times wins anything, let alone a Pulitzer? See below endless, page after page, fully documented biased, false, factually incorrect, smeared, sloppy “reporting” always against Israel and Jews.

This rag of a paper’s Big Lies are so pervasive, persistent and offensive that Camera.org has resorted to repeatedly placing billboards in Manhattan testifying to all that their bias is showing yet you ignore all of this and instead…award them for their agenda-based, biased “reporting.”

You are a poster child for why there are no longer any news media we can trust to do their research and report objectively anymore. Read facts below and then write back to me with your mea culpa and retraction of this award to this rag of a paper, which makes a mockery of your former prestige.

Ginette Weiner
Scottsdale, AZ


NYC Is Haven for Violent Criminals

Dear Editor:

When I finished reading Elissa M’s letter in your April 29th edition, I understood why she didn’t want her last name to be printed. She lambasted Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg and New York Governor, Kathy Holchul, for their input into making the city a haven for criminals and a hellhole for law abiding citizens. G-d forbid a progressive neighbor picked up the paper and saw what she wrote, her lawn would be trashed, her windows smashed and her car made into a wreck in her driveway. She fears the retribution of Democrats for her telling the truth about their elected leaders.

Look at the way Progressive lunatics are now terrorizing Supreme Court Justices who might rule against the Liberals’ and their support for abortion. How can anyone living in the city or elsewhere ruled by Democrats speak out in the print or electronic media and reveal their names and places of residence without fear of physical assault and damage to property? Or might one of them fear for the loss of employment because of their stance on issues? One may wonder if Melissa is her name and if she really resides in marine Park? Isn’t this a sad commentary on the freedoms our country was founded on? What lies ahead for us in the future?

Sandy Schwartz
Plaiinview, New York


UFT is Corrupt, Communist Union

Dear Editor:

A recent editorial, “Randi Weingarten’s War on Education” was right on target. I was a charter member of the initial teacher’s union, the United Federation of Teachers, back in the late 1950s, when it was run by the memorable and highly controversial Albert Shanker. Since then, it has been taken over by Communist leaning radicals whose goal is to indoctrinate the kids into becoming government zombies. Their long-term accomplishments have nearly been met. They teach the kids very little in the shape of the three R’s, focusing on social issues such as abortion rights, gay marriage, gender change, minority superiority and government loyalties. Hillary Clinton’s famous phrase, “It takes a Village” to raise a loyal government stooge was right on the money. Kids are now being taught that devotion to their families is mis-directed and rather it should be to their controllers, the teachers, who are all of a single mindset. They walk in lockstep…more like a goose step.

Racial indoctrination is prime. White skin is bad. A sign of inherited racist genetics. Blacks are superior. Religion, the old style, Christian and Jewish, are bad. There is no G-d. There are only the dogmatic, fascist minded leaders who call the shots for the benefit of all. Look at the quality of teachers in NYC today. How many of them could pass any Regents exam that we took in the 50’s  and 60’s? My bet….zilch. They are social justice indoctrinators, not teachers. A sad day in hell for our country thanks to the likes of Randi Weingarten and her bunch.

Roger Marcus
Queens, NY



Ousting Elected Thugs

Dear Editor:

I cringed into my sofa cushion this evening when I saw the demonstrations in front of Supreme Court Justice Alito’s home by a swarm of rioting, spit dripping radicals who were doing a good job of demonstrating to us what we have in store until the November elections…and even past that. They will stop at nothing to make their point and to intimidate, control and threaten all who stand in the way of their surge for control. They are the reincarnation of the Nazi Brown-Shirts who ran roughshod over German citizens, their streets and their thoughts. They are growing in number with the many who have voluntarily stayed out of work, supported by the Biden handouts. They are getting bolder as we become weaker.

They are trained in violence and are more than willing to flex their muscles against all who oppose them. Their basic training was in the urban streets of Washington, Kentucky, Oregon, California and Wisconsin, among other states they chose to destroy. Those of us who understand their threats to our freedoms must rise up and confront them, one on one, in the streets. No more painting of BLM graffiti on our streets by our lunatic mayors. No more permitting them to loot our retail stores while security personnel stand by, frightened to do their jobs.

We must oust those elected thugs who give their snot nosed armies permission to occupy our streets and control our right of way. We must use their methods of urban warfare against them before it’s too late. We must wake up now and clear them out. Time is running out.

Arthur Lake



More on the Biden Crime Family

Dear Editor:

Alvin Kohn’s letter in a recent edition said it all about the Biden crime family. Carlo Gambino would have kissed Joe’s diamond encrusted ring to acknowledge a master international criminal whose base of operations was, of all places, right smack in the Senate and White House for over 40 years without whisper of criminal intent. Today, even with Hunter’s laptop available to federal authorities, he’s still got the cloak of immunity protecting him.

The millions of voters who supposedly voted for him now have the opportunity to speak out and call for an investigation into his culpability and criminal behavior. Why has there been no clamor for such an inquiry to clear the air? Who else in government is involved? How could President Obama not know that Hunter Biden was using Air Force 2 as an Uber to get to his benefactors in China, Ukraine and Russia to name but a few? Were there any D.C. insiders who DIDN’T know of his illegal involvements? How could they not? Hunter was an obvious loser. Where was the press? Were there no questions or rumors about his drug use and abuse of women? No reporters accompanying the Biden VP troupe on trips abroad ever noticed Hunter’s presence and questioned his intent or purposes for being with his Dad on official trips? So many questions, so few willing to answer.

Russell Wanger
Valley Stream, NY

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