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Letters to the Editor

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A Former Teacher Speaks Out

Dear Editor,

I wholeheartedly pat the letter writer of a few weeks back (I get my Jewish Voice in the snail mail weeks after publication) for his support of the “right to work” states and rules that forbid union shops where, in order to be hired, one must join the union, like it or not. Not all people want to be treated as sheep, for all to be equal in the workplace. We are not all equal. As a beginning teacher a few years back, I was better at communicating with the kids than the guy in the next room who was on the top salary step. Apparently, this other math teacher, after years of being on the job, having job security for life and being ready to retire, slowed down and was untouchable by the administration. And who paid the penalty? The unfortunate kids in his classroom who were at his and his union protectors’ mercies. Money making businesses with union shops also have the same problem of having union reps or shop stewards looking over their shoulders when they call out a worker for poor production, lateness to work or absences. To discharge a union member from the job opens the employer up to legal problems with the union’s attorneys’ claims of prejudice and an expensive court case to look forward to. Profits are hard hit by the contract with the union setting the rules and regulations for the workplace. vacations, pensions, sick leave, medical coverage are all at the owner’s expense. Enough said.

Ernest Schlager
Rockaway, Queens


George Orwell Revisited

Dear Editor:

Anyone who never read George Orwell’s novel 1984, you better download it into your Kindle today.  What was considered to be Science Fiction is now becoming a reality right here in America.  Joe Biden, with the approval of the Secretary of Dept of Home Land Security, Mayorkas, has agreed to establish a panel that will “ Fight Disinformation”.

This is nothing more than an outrageous attempt to completely control free speech in America as well as control your thoughts and opinions.  They falsely claim this will combat foreign outlets without infringing on American rights.  They are lying. This department which will be run by a crazy woman named Nina Jankowitz is going to be listening and watching American citizens and censoring us.

These same Progressive Socialist Democrats are the ones who completely lied to Americans about the fake Russian dossier and went after a duly elected President and tried over and over again to destroy him.  All lies.  These are the Progressives who are hunting down parents who speak up at school board meetings.  These are the Socialists who deny the existence of Hunter Biden’s lap top.  Now they are going to monitor our phone calls, or e mails, or texts. Do not believe they wouldn’t do it, they will.  Their goal is to censor all Conservative speech, all speech that disagrees with their communist agenda.  Remember George Orwell’s Ministry of Truth, it is coming our way soon.

Elissa Maldonado
Gerritsen Beach
Brooklyn NY


Question for Passover Seder Guests

Dear Editor:

Just loved your editorial of April 22, in which you asked,  “Who’s Really in Charge at the White House?” Good question. I posed that same query to the assembled Pesach dinner guests at my home recently against the warnings from my wife that the Democrats and Republicans seated next to one another would end up destroying the blessed meal. She was wrong. They loved the interchange and perhaps it was the shadow of Passover that put them all in peaceful, talkative mood. It took away from the normal evening’s boring conversations about doctors’ visits, hairstyles and meaningless neighborhood gossip chatter.

Strangely, I enjoyed the scene from my seat at the head of the table. The younger guests seemed to listen to their elders with respect although they themselves had the advantage of better educations. Yet they understood that the seniors had lived longer lives, seen more than they had to this point and absorbed facts they were too young to have known. In short, try it at the next Seder. You may find that political opponents want to discuss issues politely. And Pesach is the perfect time.

Rory Kalich
East Meadow, NY


Taking a Pro-Union Stance

Dear Editor:

Reading the letter in the April 15th edition of the Jewish voice, I was appalled at the letter submitted by a Murray Berkowitz, who hails from the DeSantis territory of Florida. This guy must be an employer of workers and is fearful of having a union rep walk into his (sweat) shop and discuss the benefits of union membership to his employees. Where is the freedom of speech in these so called, “right-to-work” states?

The letter writer should understand that in a recent study by the Labor Department, it was revealed that union workers generally took home 15% more annually than non-union people working the same jobs at the same levels. Not only that, but union employees had better medical, retirement and vacation benefits than the other group. And it doesn’t stop there, to the grimaces of your anti-union readers. Unionists are happier and live longer healthier lives.

In addition, union workers generally stay at their jobs longer, without switching for higher salaries or leaving because of conflict with the business owners. They also have better relations with management because of the efforts of the union representative who is not only another employee but one who sits and mediates situations that arise between labor and management. The union contract also specifies how mediation is to take place and that sort of sets the rules of engagement without rancor or anger being aroused.

In short, the union shop, where all workers enjoy the same privileges and benefits is a healthy, happy place to work in and manage.

Ben Grossfeld
Cleveland, Ohio


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