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In Yet Another Sign of Inflation, Cocktail Prices Surge in NYC

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By: Ellen Cans

As if gas prices weren’t enough to upset the masses, the price of alcoholic beverages is soaring too.

As reported by the NY Post, Prospect Park regulars are in a frenzy over prices for illegal boozy beverages sold across the Big Apple by park and beach vendors. A summertime favorite, known as the “nutcrackers”, the illicit drink which features a dealer’s mix of fruit juice and liquor in a plastic bottle, has skyrocketed in price.  On Sunday, Sydney Pereira, a journalist at Hell Gate, tweeted that she saw the banned drink being sold at 50 percent markup in Prospect Park.

Inflation has reached New York City’s illicit cocktail market in parks and beaches after one so-called “nutcracker” vendor was spotted Sunday selling the beloved summer beverage for $15 a piece,” Pereira tweeted.   “This has been happening since last summer and it’s upsetting me and my homegirls,” commented Naomi Ramble in a tweet. The nutcracker drink was previously $10 for a 12-ounce bottle, already up from $5. “Wow. I remember when these were like $5,” Mario Ismailanji tweeted.  Other users commented that they can still find the drink for $10 elsewhere.

Some of the comments veered into politics. “All you need to know about the veracity of a recession is right here,” wrote Vanessa Parra.  Across the country, Americans are feeling the push as prices have been on the rise for various staples, food and drink items.  Since the pandemic, supply shortages have also become a new reality across the country.  In January, Corona and Modelo beer companies announced that they expected to increase prices by 2 percent due to glass shortages.  As per the Post, breweries across America have also hiked up prices citing the increase in the cost of aluminum.  The price for imported wine also reached new highs, across NYC with distributors blaming it on elevated transportation costs.

Inflation in the U.S. is now at 8.5 percent, marking the fastest 12-month hike since 1981. Critics are blaming the Biden Administration for the rampant price increases.  Famed economist Larry Summers, pointed at the White House for the “hipster antitrust” regulations, which he said are helping drive prices upward.  “There are real risks. Policies that attack bigness can easily be inflationary if they prevent the exploitation of economies of scale or limit superstar firms,” Summers said in a Tweet.  “Likewise, policy focused on protecting competitors or communities or limiting layoffs are likely to raise costs & prices,” he added.

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