Govt refutes reports of court order permitting Jewish prayer on Temple Mount - The Jewish Voice
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Thursday, June 30, 2022

Govt refutes reports of court order permitting Jewish prayer on Temple Mount

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Israel’s Government Secretariat issued an official statement Sunday night clarifying the Jerusalem Magistrates’ Court Ruling regarding the Temple Mount.

On Sunday some outlets reported erroneously that the court had ruled that Jews must be allowed to bow and say the prayer “Shema Yisrael” while visiting the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

The current longstanding government policy in place prohibits Jewish praying of any kind on the Temple Mount.

Over the years people have even been questioned or detained by the police just standing silently in one place with their eyes closed while visiting the site.

The Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court, however, did not overturn this policy. It merely rescinded a restraining order imposed on three Jewish youths who were prohibited from returning to the Temple Mount.

“There is no change, nor is any change planned, on the status quo of the Temple Mount,” read the government statement.

“The Magistrate Court’s decision is focused exclusively on the matter of conduct of the minors brought before it, and does not include a broader determination regarding the freedom of worship on the Temple Mount.”

“With regard to the specific criminal case in question,” the statement added, “the government was informed that the State will file an appeal to the District Court.”

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