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Donald Trump speaks on Texas school shooting to NRA

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(A7) Former US President Donald Trump was honored as a speaker at a recent annual meeting of the NRA in Houston, Texas. He began his remarks by addressing the recent school shooting that had happened elsewhere in the state, which claimed the lives of nineteen students and two teachers at an Uldvale school, The shooter reportedly attacked his own grandmother before arriving at the school. He was killed at the scene by law enforcement.

“This was a savage and barbaric atrocity that shocks the conscience of every single American,” Trump said, He described the shooter as “pure evil, pure cruelty, pure hatred, absolute pure hatred.”

“While those he slaughtered are now with God in Heaven he will be eternally damned to burn in the fires of hell,” Trump continued.

Trump asked for a moment of silence, during which he read out the names of the victims, with the toll of a bell sounding after each.

He would go on to criticize ‘cynical politicians seeking to exploit the tears of sobbing families”, accusing them of attempting to annul the Second Amendment of the US Constitution and blaming ‘our wonderful NRA’ for gun violence.

“As always, in the wake of these tragedies, the various gun control policies being pushed by the left would have done nothing to prevent the horror that took place. Absolutely nothing,” he said.

Trump proposed an alternate slate of solutions, including reducing barriers to institutionalizing the mentally unstable, increasing police training budgets, and a serious overhaul of school security, including armed security in every school in America, insisting that these measures should be taken before further aid packages to Ukraine were approved.

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