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Brain Freeze: Joe Biden Says North Korea Joined with U.S. to Sanction Vladimir Putin

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By Charlie Spiering
President Joe Biden mistakenly claimed Friday that North Korea joined the United States to sanction Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Did anybody think that when I called for sanctions against Russia, that in addition to NATO that Australia, Japan, North Korea, and some of the ASEAN countries would stand up and support these sanctions?” he asked.

The president spoke about his international diplomatic efforts at the commencement ceremony for the Naval Acadamy.

Biden likely meant to say South Korea, but he did not correct himself.

North Korea continues to back Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine, voting against a United Nations resolution in March demanding that Russia end its war.

During his speech, Biden indicated that cultural and border distinctions were dissipating into a global entity.

“We’re seeing the world align, not in terms of geography, East and West, Pacific and Atlantic, but in terms of values,” he said.

The president spoke of a “global struggle” between democracies and autocracies, citing a conversation he had with Chinese dictator Xi Jinping when he was first elected president.

“He said to me which he said many times before, democracies cannot be sustained in the 21st Century, autocracies will run the world,” Biden said, asserting that Xi repeated that autocracies were quicker to adapt.

“He’s wrong,” Biden added.


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