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Bill Gates Invested in Company Which Is Creating Synthetic Human Breast Milk

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by Jared Evan

With the baby formula shortage making front-page news, reporters and pundits have started chattering about an interesting connection.

On June, 16 2020 BIOMILQ raised $3.5 million of funding in a round led by Breakthrough Energy ventures ( here ) ( here ), an investment firm founded by Gates to support and fund innovations to counter climate change ( here )

BIOMILQ co-founder and cell biologist Leila Strickland stated in an interview that with this artificial breastmilk, parents, caretakers, and infants would be given more options for their early-stage nutrition. The product is slated to arrive in the next 3-5 Years, according to CNN.

Many commentators are drawing connections between Gates investment and the current formula shortage.

Reuters: Parents across the United States are feeling the strain, as infant formula all but disappeared from store shelves ( here ).

Pandemic-related shortages were exacerbated in February, after Abbott Laboratories, the leading supplier of milk formula in the United States, recalled some baby formulas, including Similac made at its plant in Michigan due to complaints about bacterial infection in infants who consumed the products ( here ).

‘Genius’, ‘Billionaire’, and ‘Philanthropist’, Mr. Bill Gates has a history of being in the rounds of suspicion. There have been endless theories suggesting that Bill Gates is pushing his agenda in the shadow of the Coronavirus pandemic, Gates has put himself in the spotlight as the biggest proponents of COVID vaccines and vaccines in general, for example.

With the current shortages and the news about BIOMILQ and Gates surfacing once again, it may seem “fishy” to sceptics all over the world.

This has become so viral, Reuters recently “debunked” the story, by stating(LINK):

The baby formula shortage experienced in the United States started after major suppliers recalled products. The shortage has been compounded by supply chain challenges and inflation. A fund backed by Gates invested in BIOMILQ in 2020 and the company has said its product will not be on the market for at least three years.

It should be noted that Reuters does not debunk anything, as indivuals are simply pointing out the Gates investment in 2020 , because of the current formula shortage. The fact that Reuters bothered covering this, can be seen as suspicious to the hard-core sceptic or “conspiracy theorist”.


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