WATCH :COVID Stormtroopers; Police Terrorize, Berate Citizens During Draconian 'Zero COVID' Lockdowns in Shanghai - The Jewish Voice
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WATCH :COVID Stormtroopers; Police Terrorize, Berate Citizens During Draconian ‘Zero COVID’ Lockdowns in Shanghai

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By Jared Evan Videos reportedly posted from Shanghai this week show Chinese police and health officials growing increasingly short-tempered and physical with the city’s 26 million desperate residents, now in the third week of a coronavirus lockdown that was only supposed to last a few days, Breitbart reported.

The government is intent on enforcing a “Zero Covid” policy in China, and Shanghai is under complete lockdown until not a single person tests positive for COVID. All reports indicate, that not a single person has died of COVID in the area, yet the government is not allowing people to even leave their apartments to get fresh air or buy food. The government has been delivering food to residents locked inside their homes but has been allegedly negligent and residents are literally starving.

Individuals who test positive, have been seen dragged off into COVID quarantine camps from their homes. Dogs and Cats are being literally exterminated in the streets if their owners happen to be COVID positive and were forced to quarantine, according to accounts.

Policed by drones that have facial recognition and give orders, the residents are trapped in an Orwellian COVID nightmare.

Videos have been circulating on social media from journalists within the Chinese dissident community. Others appear to have initially surfaced in Chinese social media communications, though the communist regime heavily censors such sites within the country.

A video posted on Thursday obtained by Chinese dissident journalist Jennifer Zeng showed Shanghai police getting physical with citizens crowded outside a quarantine center, leaving some weeping in despair:

Radio Free Asia (RFA) on Thursday posted video of white-gowned police roughly breaking up a protest of residents angry that their community had been rezoned into a quarantine area without warning:

Another video allegedly shot by inmates trapped in a Shanghai high-rise appeared to show a neighbor forcibly subdued and dragged away by quarantine police from his apartment balcony:

Another video allegedly showing an ugly encounter with Shanghai’s white-garbed lockdown enforcers aboard a Shanghai bus went viral on Thursday because of what a finger-wagging police officer can be heard yelling at people resisting forced eviction from their homes: “This is caused by the international situation! If you continue to make trouble like this, there is no hope for us in China! It’s going to be a war with America, you know! Only the Communist Party can save China now!”

A viral video, allegedly filmed by numerous residents of a Shanghai neighborhood from their balconies, in which a pandemic worker in a white biohazard suit beats a howling corgi to death with a spade, leaves the dog lying in the street for a while, then returns to stuff the body into a plastic bag.

As drone patrols the streets looking for anyone who exercises the human desire to go outside, in a lockdown, which many people feel is engineered to terrorize the people and has nothing to to with safety.

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