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Sunday, July 3, 2022

Urgent Relief to Support and Rescue the Largest Jewish Orphanage in Ukraine

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Urgent Relief to Support and Rescue the Largest Jewish Orphanage in Ukraine



As Ukraine is under attack, an emergency campaign is underway to assist the Tikva Children’s Home in Odessa with evacuation and supply costs related to the safety of their orphan children during these challenging times. The fundraiser is organized by Oleg Langbort, a New York based Businessman born in Moscow with family members remaining in both Russia and Ukraine. “In an attempt to show unity and unprecedented support, we are bringing over 20 local and international non-for-profits together to support these children who need us the most now.” stated Oleg. “Every voice matters and every dollars counts for those that do not have voices of their own: Jewish orphans in need of rescue from a war zone.”


Tikva – (translates from Hebrew to “Hope”) – is a successful 25-year old social service and educational  organization in Ukraine that has saved thousands of homeless and abused Jewish children in the Odessa region of Ukraine. Tikva operates 12 facilities that houses nearly 300 children, schools 900 children, provides meals and services for nearly a thousand elderly (many of who are Holocaust survivors) and provides community support though synagogue, mikvah and its community centers to thousands of Jews in Odessa region of Ukraine.

Currently, every effort is being made to keep the children and its community safe, by supporting the evacuation to Romania as well as the children’s ongoing well being in a new temporary location. 927 people are in our site in Romania including children from our homes, the staff and nurses, nannies, cooks, security personnel psychologists, doctors and teaching staff. In addition to our own community, we have used our resources and reach to rescue an additional 2400 people out of Ukraine bringing the total to 3327 out of harms way.  Lastly, our 12 buildings in Odessa, Ukraine which are fully stocked with food, clothes and medical supplies, are currently being used by hundreds of elderly people and families who chose not to leave.

Tikva’s emergency fundraising campaign will raise funds for costs related to security, shelter, buses, teaching and nursing staff, supplies, water, medicine and evacuation-related items made necessary by the invasion of Ukraine.


“Tikva Children’s Home has been protecting the orphaned Jewish children of Ukraine for over two decades,” noted Tikva’s Director of Development Yanna Begelman. “Today, we need your help, prayers and donations to ensure we can continue our mission during this time of war.’


For more information on the fundraising campaign visit www.saveukrainianorphans.org

For more information on Tikva Children’s Home visit www.tikvaodessa.org


NOTE: Tikva’s supporter and campaign organizer Oleg Langbort, is available in-person and virtual for more information or interviews.

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