The Jewish Voice in Conversation With Mark Levin on His Past, His Views on Trump, Politics, and How Marxism is Infecting America  - The Jewish Voice
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The Jewish Voice in Conversation With Mark Levin on His Past, His Views on Trump, Politics, and How Marxism is Infecting America 

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By: Fern Sidman

The Jewish Voice regularly presents its readers with interviews with those whose lives have had immeasurable impact on the communities they serve, the country and the world. Recently, the Jewish Voice had the distinct privilege of speaking with Fox News television talk show host, Mark Levin. Mr. Levin is the host of the Sunday evening program on the highly rated network called  “Life, Liberty and Levin.”

In addition to his regular Fox News program, Mark Levin also does a regular podcast and national radio show. Photo Credit:

As a veteran radio personality, the author of several best-selling books and an intrepid voice of truth, Mr. Levin was gracious enough to give us his time so that readers may het an inside track into his life, his perspectives and the crucially important work he does on a daily basis.

A Philadelphia native, Mr. Levin grew up in the Cheltenham suburb of the “City of Brotherly Love” as a Jewish kid in the 1960s.

He told the Jewish Voice, “When I was growing up in Cheltenham, which was about 40 to 50 percent Jewish, I do not recall any antagonisms between Jews and Christians and never experienced any anti-Semitism. It was really great growing up in the neighborhood that I lived in.”

Congregation Knesseth Israel, the Reform temple to which Mr. Levin’s family was affiliated still exists. “I was considered to be a Hebrew scholar because I could read Hebrew but could not really understand it much of it, “ Mr. Levin admits. He also dedicated himself to learning a great deal of Jewish history and even attended Gratz College in Philadelphia, which is a private Jewish college in Melrose Park, Pennsylvania.   He adds, “that was the extent of my formal Jewish education.”

Speaking of his formative years and the influence that his family had on him, Mr. Levin said, “My parents were very pro-Israel and were political conservatives. They even voted for Barry Goldwater for president in 1964. When I asked my dad why he did that, he told me that he simply did not believe the litany of lies that were being spewed forth about Goldwater and wanted to support his conservative platform.”

He added: “Even though I attended a reform temple in Philadelphia, I do have big issues with the Reform movement due to their insanely liberal policies and have broken with them. I now attend a Chabad Lubavitch synagogue.”

If the name Cheltenham sounds the least bit familiar, it is because former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu graduated from Cheltenham High School when he lived in Philadelphia. It just happens to be the same school that Mr. Levin attended. He recalled, “Bibi went there as did his brother but he was seven years ahead of me. His father was teaching history in the area. I consider Netanyahu a good friend and I support his positions and laud his many years in office in Israel.”

Mark Levin considers former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a good friend. Recently, Prime Minister Netanyahu appeared on Mr. Levin’s Fox News program to discuss the revised Iran deal and what is means for Israel’s security and that of the free world. Photo Credit:

Mr. Levin said that his first trip to Israel took place about four years ago. “The first time I went to Israel I was 60 years old and I am 64 now. I went because of my wife Julie and my stepson David, who later would become a special assistant to Ambassador David Friedman in Israel. They insisted that we go so we brought the entire family with us. There were about 11 of us. We met Netanyahu and I consider myself a good friend of his. I am also friends with Israeli ambassador to the US, Ron Dermer.”

Having left high school early in the 11th grade, Mr. Levin completed his university studies and then attended Temple Law School in Philadelphia. “That was all we could afford back then and while I was in law school, I was elected to our local school board in Cheltenham.”

After practicing law for a period of time, Mr. Levin was an active campaigner for Ronald Reagan in Philadelphia during the 1976 presidential race when the incumbent Gerald Ford was his opponent in the Republican primary. He then campaigned for Reagan once again in the 1980 presidential race.

Because of his active participation in Reagan’s campaign and his impressive legal background, Mr. Levin landed a series of positions in the new president’s administration.

Reflecting fondly on his time serving the nation’s 40th president, Mr. Levin said, “It was really a fantastic time in my life.  Reagan was a fantastic man and a fantastic president. He knew what he wanted to do in the Oval Office. He wanted to redirect the country after Carter. We had tremendous accomplishments whether it be in the realm of foreign policy, or taxes, or building up the military.”

Describing the various positions he held throughout the two terms that Reagan served as the nation’s chief executive, Mr. Levin remembers, “I very much wanted to be part of his administration. I served as the chief of staff for the Attorney General, Ed Meese. I was also the associate director of presidential personnel. I played a part in the selection of judges and other senior officials. I was also the principal deputy assistant secretary of elementary and secondary education and was a deputy solicitor of the interior department, as well as holding a few other posts. I had the opportunity to make recommendations to the president, the attorney general and other senior officials.”

As the years went by Mr. Levin became a radio personality in the same vein as Rush Limbaugh and other political conservatives and his view were and continue to be listened to by tens of millions of people across the country each day.

As such, Mr. Levin has taken heat from uber liberal platforms such as Wikipedia and others of that ilk who seek to consistently denigrate him with spurious claims. For example, the Wikipedia page designated for Mr. Levin claims that he was in the “Never Trump” camp.

Says Mr. Levin:  “I was never a ‘Never Trumper’. Wikipedia can’t get that straight and I really don’t care about the lies they spew forth.” He explained that during the 2016 president he originally endorsed Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz. “I have known Ted Cruz for decades and I did endorse him in 2016. I even supported him in the primary when he was running for senator in Texas when no one ever heard of him.  He is as solid as can be.”

As to the claim of being opposed to the Trump candidacy, Mr. Levin said, “What happened was that Roger Stone said or did something to tick me off and I said on the radio that I would never support Trump. The next day Trump called me and said he had nothing to do with this. He said that Roger does not represent his views on this issue. I immediately reversed course. As soon as Trump was nominated as the Republican candidate for president, I wholeheartedly endorsed him.”

Mr. Levin considers Trump to have been “a fantastic president” and said that he has supported him ever since.

Summing up the highly consequential Trump presidency, Mt. Levin said of our 45th president: “Trump was far more accomplished and far more conservative than either of the Bushes in every respect. It seems to me that if you are a constitutional conservative you should be celebrating the accomplishments of his presidency.  It also seems to me that if you support the United States military and law enforcement agencies as well as judicial originalism you should also be very laudatory of his presidency.”

Concerning the odious trend of American Jews being known as knee jerk liberals and supporting candidates who do not have Jewish interests at heart and do not support the State of Israel, Mt. Levin said,  “If you are an American Jew who puts their faith in their country and their faith in their religion ahead of their faith in liberalism you should be absolutely thrilled with President Trump in the White House and how he treated Israel.”

– Mark Levin is pictured here addressing an audience at the 2019 White House Chanukah party. He is joined by former President Trump and his family. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Speculating that the former president will once again throw his hat back in the ring in the upcoming 2024 presidential race, Mr. Levin is of the belief that Trump “does have a chance to regain the White House.”

If Trump does not succeed or if America is hit with a ‘blue wave’ in the November midterm elections, Mr. Levin explicated, “I am sad to say that if the Democrats retain power in the White House then we are on a course of no return. They are not just interested in policy. They are interested in fundamentally altering this republic, this constitution, as well as brain washing our children in elementary school and at Disney World, of all places.”

As his mentor Ronald Reagan once famously said, “The Democrat party has gone so far left that they have left America”, Mr. Levin is in sync with that bold truism. He told the Jewish Voice, “I believe the Democrat party has become an anti-American party. They never talk up the country at all. They never talk up our history. Its surrogates in the American media and in Hollywood are as radical as they come.”

He added that he believes that the new “woke” culture that has gripped the nation represents a serious threat to the democratic principles that America is predicated upon. He said that the Democrat party “does not believe in free speech but rather they insist on conformity. They are destroying the civil society in which we live and they are destroying the culture in this country.”

If the Democrats retain power in both houses of Congress and if they extend their residency in the White House, Mr. Levin believes, “It will be very, very difficult to reverse course. Now keep in mind, if you look at the polls, the American people are really fed up with this. They are fed up with what is going on in the classroom.”

“They have done extremely damaging things to this country,” Mr. Levin says. “But even without the elected parts of the government, the other departments of the government such as the Department of Education, the Department of Justice and other departments, they are all imposing their will on the American people.”

Turning to the Disney issue which has been dominating headlines as of late due to their policy of exposing children as young as three years of age to totally inappropriate sexual and gender alternatives, Mr. Levin concludes, “I don’t see how Disney could be a family friendly place. They are hostile to the traditional family. I don’t care if an individual wants to transition. I don’t care who lives with whom. There used to be a time when everyone said that what happens in the bedroom is no one’s business but that is not the case anymore.”

He told his radio audience that he will “not be going to Disney anymore and I used to go quite often.”

He further explained: “Number one, the admission to Disney World is overpriced. And number two, you don’t need to send your kids anywhere that they will be indoctrinated against your will.”

He added:  “This is not the tyranny of the mob, this is not the tyranny of centralized government in this particular interest. This is the tyranny of the corporate board room. The corporatists are all orchestrating this radical agenda.”

As one who believes that people have the right to conduct their lives as they see fit, Mr. Levin said,” I believe that in ‘live and let live’ but you don’t have the right to indoctrinate pre-school through third grade kids about sex and sexual preferences. And when you go to Disney you want to have a good time with your kids. You are going into basically a fictional environment. We know what Walt Disney wanted to do. He was a conservative. He wanted a place where parents could take their kids. Parents really can’t take their kids there now.”

He adds: “I don’t know of a religion on the face of the earth that would embrace this.”

In terms of the monumental influence that the fourth estate has had on American politics and culture, and just about every aspect of our society, Mr. Levin has done extensive research on the subject for his books and his program.

Holding the view that Marxism has infected every facet of the mainstream media and beyond, Mr. Levin said: “The media told us 100 years ago what they wanted to do. They took a left turn. They embraced the so-called progressive movement and they pushed towards that in the early 1900s. That’s where this progeny of Marxism came from.”

He added that this revelation prompted him to write his 2021 best-selling book, “American Marxism.” According to a September 2021 press release by Simon & Schuster imprint Threshold Editions, Mr. Levin’s book retained its number one spot on the New York Times bestseller list 10 weeks after it debut.

“American Marxism” also debuted at #1 on bestseller lists for USA Today, Publishers Weekly, and The Wall Street Journal. It has since stayed in the top 10 for each list.

In the book, Mr. Levin said that he called out the highly dangerous progressive movement for “what they really are” and unmasked their blatant and egregious hypocrisy. He said, “the time has come to stop playing around, They gave themselves their own nomenclature, but there is nothing progressive about these people. They used to  celebrate the Russian revolution early in Stalin’s mandate. They celebrated Stalin and then they tried to distance themselves from him but they have been basically wrong about just about everything.”

Mr. Levin said that at one time the media operated on a fairly honest basis but that has all changed and mendacity has replaced it. He said, “At one time you had media types that supported Republicans who supported Democrats who supported certain policies. You had newspapers like the Arizona Republic who supported Republicans or you had the St Louis Democrat. The media picked sides but now they have only selected only one side and they give a pretense of being objective. Their claim of objectivity couldn’t be further from the truth.”

He adds that, “This is progressivism which is the modern form of American Marxism. That’s where the bastardization of the process began. But even then, for decades thereafter, they repeatedly attempted to create the erroneous impression that they were non-partisan and objective, even though they were clearly not what they described themselves to be.”

Exploring the concept of the media immersing themselves as participants in politics and not agencies that are dedicated to accurate and objective reporting, Mr. Levin said, “In the 1960s, the media wanted to become part of the movement. It was not enough to just report, to be objective, to give off the veneer that they were objective, but now wanted to be a participant in the news.”

Pertaining to his seminal thesis on the nefarious agenda of the media that is discussed in thorough detail in his monograph, “American Marxism”, Mr. Levin says: “There’s a whole school of thought in journalism and in journalism schools called public journalism. It is taught and it is learned that you need to be part of changing America with these civil liberties movements and what has become a kind of uniform groupthink among the media.”

He carefully observes that the media always congregate in “the same places and they eat at the same places and they live in the same cities. They meet each other’s friends and relatives. They are in the same social circles. “

In terms of who media personalities really are and what their agenda is, Mr. Levin says, “the vast majority are in the Democrat party. They have friends and family members who are also reporters so they come out of Democrat politics. You look at NBC’s Chuck Todd for instance. His wife is a Democrat activist. You look at ABC’s George Stephanopoulos. Everyone is aware of his Democrat pedigree and it goes down the line. It is difficult to distinguish the media not only from the goals and policies of the Democrat party but of the American Marxist movement.”

Mr. Levin concluded that, “the American media today is not about free speech, but rather it is about attacking conservative talk radio, about attacking Fox News, about attacking entities that do not conform. Fox News is honest about what it does. It makes a distinction between news and opinion. You won’t find that on CNN and MSNBC. You won’t find that in the pages of the New York Times or the Washington Post.”

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