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Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Randi Weingarten’s War on Education  

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Randi Weingarten is the controlling oligarch of the American educational system. She is understood to be the president-for-life of the massive American Federation of Teachers, the union consisting of over 1.7 million teachers in over 3000 locations around the nation. She directs urban school boards in educationally depressed major cities like New York, Chicago and Detroit, where kids have little chance of graduating from high school and where the mere dream of obtaining a professional college degree is practically zilch. Rather, they have a heavy hand in control of local school boards, their choices of textbooks and together with radical Leftist politicians like herself, have the power to handpick and get members of these crucial boards elected. In short, we consider her not to be a spokesperson for students but actually the mouthpiece for the Radical Left who see young kids as tools to use in remaking America into a haven for the LBGTQ crowd, to manipulate as we see them doing throughout the nation.

Any relationship she has with actual teaching, to guide the members of her union to educate the kids locked in the hands of her “troops” is nil. She is an extremist as evidenced in her involvement in the National School Boards Association’s letter to the White House comparing concerned parents in Virginia to domestic terrorists, which prompted the already politicized Justice Department to sic the FBI on the parents who speak their minds at public school-board meetings. We’re aware of the political power the AFT has and uses through its political donations to the Democrat Party and its use of its nationwide membership to work for the election of like-minded radicals to positions of power. We are just now beginning to see the influence of the teacher unions in handling the Covid-19 epidemic and their relationship with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in the closing of public schools during the pandemic. We were not aware that Randi Weingarten had any expertise or medical training, yet she did have much influence with the CDC.

The AFT lobbied the CDC on and even suggested language for the federal agency’s school reopening guidance released in February of this year. The powerful teacher’s union’s full court press preceded the federal agency putting the brakes on a full re-opening of in-person classrooms. Documents show a flurry of activity between CDC Director Rochelle Wolensky, union officials and the White House brass, before February 12’ths announcement on school re-opening guidelines. Such language in these mails as, “Thank you again for Friday’s rich discussion about forthcoming CDC guidance and for your openness to the suggestions made by our president, Randi Weingarten, and the AFT,” wrote the union’s director for health issues, which clearly described the union as the CDC’s “thought partner.” Just what medical expertise do teacher union bosses have that is so clearly accepted by our medical professionals? Teachers belong in the classrooms, not in the medical conference rooms.

Because of the senseless public school closing policies supported by the AFT and other teacher unions, our schoolkids lost over two years of vital instruction. One study of this period of closing shows about 35% of students K-2 missing reading benchmarks and that over 45% are lacking in grade level mathematics. This should be the concern of our teachers, not their political involvement nor their input into medical practices of our top medical experts. The problems in the classrooms of our nation’s public schools are what they are supposed to be experts in solving. Let them and their leader, Randi Weingarten get back to the basics for which they are well paid to do.

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